Special Committee on Lawyer Referral

Pamela C. Gavin, chair

The Virginia Lawyer Referral Service (VLRS) has helped people obtain effective and high-quality legal assistance since 1977. The VLRS offers toll-free and Richmond-area phone numbers that receive more than 18,000 calls yearly from people in need of assistance with legal matters in Virginia. The VLRS provided more than 5,200 prescreened and prepaid referrals to its 600 panel members for the 2013-14 fiscal year. More than 60 percent of those referrals have resulted in ongoing legal services, provided by our panel members.

In a continuing effort to publicly enhance the legal and informational services of the VLRS to the general public and to the VSB members, the VLRS’s “YouTube” video brief has been viewed more than 490 times since August 2013. Also, through our quarterly informational e-mails the VLRS panel members are kept informed and reminded of their agreed upon responsibilities as a VLRS yearly panel member.

Committee members and VLRS staff continued their panel membership recruitment efforts by providing VLRS panel membership applications and information to VSB members at the VSB Young Lawyers Conferences Admission & Orientation Ceremonies in December 2013 and June 2014; the VSB Conference of Local Bar Leaders Institute, Solo & Small-Firm Practitioners Forum/Regional Bench Bar Conference in Danville in March 2014; and the VSB Techshow Roadshow in Richmond in May 2014 that resulted in more than 100 first-time VLRS panelists.

Special thanks to the VLRS 2013-14 committee members: Charles E. Adams of Richmond; Teresa S. Cole of Vienna; David A. McKelvey of Roanoke; Sarah M. Morton of Harrisonburg; William F. Quillian of Lynchburg; Eric R. Spencer of Roanoke; and newly appointed chair, Elizabeth M. Ross of Leesburg, and vice chair, Judy A. Dugger of Fairfax for their continuing service and dedication. The committee gives special appreciation to exiting committee members August Bequai of McLean, Joan B. Davis of Richmond, and Rhodes B. Ritenour of Richmond; and immediate past chair Pamela C. Gavin of Richmond for her many years of dedication to the committee and her continuing 10-plus years of service as a VLRS panel member.  We welcome our newest members: Rachel E. Jones of Marion, Neil S. Lowenstein of Norfolk, D. David Parr Jr. of Roanoke, and Christopher L. Spinelli of Richmond and look forward to the ideas and energy they will bring to the committee. Thanks also to the VLRS staff: Coordinator Toni B. Dunson and staff assistants Lydia M. Maddox and Sheree L. Patterson for their tireless efforts to sustain and improve the VLRS.

Updated: Aug 05, 2014