Judicial Candidate Evaluation Committee

W. David Harless, Chair

The Judicial Candidate Evaluation Committee consists of well-respected members of the practicing bar in the Commonwealth of Virginia, comprising a blue-ribbon panel of lawyers from across Virginia:

W. David Harless, chair                    Richmond

William E. Glover, vice-chair             Fredericksburg

Bevin R. Alexander, Jr.                      Lynchburg

Alan S. Anderson                              Alexandria

William J. Dinkin                                Richmond

Linda D. Frith                                     Roanoke, VA

Karla C. Haynes                                Suffolk

Eva N. Juncker                                  Falls Church

Christy E. Kiely                                  Richmond

E. Kyle McNew                                  Charlottesville

Helen E. Phillips                                 Abingdon

Judith L. Rosenblatt                           Virginia Beach

Michael M. York                                  Reston

Irving M. Blank                                   Richmond



Karen A. Gould, Executive Director of the VSB, is the committee’s liaison.  

The committee was not asked to evaluate candidates for any judicial vacancy during FY2018-2019.

Updated: Jun 20, 2019