International Law

John M. Huddle, chair

Number of members in our section:  370 (an increase of two from the prior year)

Special activities during the 2012-13 fiscal year and the person in charge of each:



Person Responsible:

Three CLE programs:


  1. Export Controls Developments and Ethical Dilemmas of Relevance to Business Lawyers (75th Annual Meeting of the Virginia State Bar, June 14, 2013).


  1. Export Controls Essentials for Every Business Lawyer (live program May 30, 2013; video reply June 25, 2013) hosted by Virginia Continuing Legal Education.


  1. Tools for Success in International sales Intermediary Contracts and Dispute Resolution (live program May 30, 2013; video reply June 25, 2013) hosted by Virginia Continuing Legal Education.

Coordinator: Chair, John M. Huddle

  1. Speakers:

John Huddle, Chair

Susan Kovarovics, Vice Chair, Geoffrey Goodale, Treasurer

  1. Speakers:

John Huddle, Chair,

Susan Kovarovics, Vice Chair,Geoffrey Goodale, Treasurer

  1. Speakers:

John Huddle, Chair,

Melissa Gorsline, Secretary

VA Dedicated Issue of Virginia Lawyer (April 2013):

  • Members of our board authored five articles

Coordinator: Chuck McPhillips

Authors (board members):

Geoffrey Goodale, Melissa Stear Gorsline, John M. Huddle, Susan Kovarovics, and Chuck McPhillips 

Co-sponsored several seminars and programs with the International Practice Section of the D.C. Bar and ABA

Coordinator: Geoffrey Goodale, Treasurer/Chair-Elect

Revised and updated website

Chair, John M. Huddle

E-blasts to section members periodically to announce section activities and programs and solicit member involvement

Chair, John M. Huddle

Significant issues that arose and how they were resolved:

Inactive Board:  While recruitment of new board members for this term was a resounding success with significant contributions and dedication by all new members, two carry-over board members continued their prior pattern of low activity and failure to meet the minimum attendance requirements implemented in the bylaw revisions in 2011-2012. Solved by (a) discussion and resulting resignation by one board member, and (b) confirmation that the other member’s low activity level was due, in part, to international business travel, so the board excused the non-compliance per bylaws and will monitor this board member’s activity level in the coming year to ensure that the requisite standards are met in the coming year.

Continuing legal education programs sponsored by your group:

As listed in “special activities” above, this was a very active year for our section. We conducted three major CLE events, as well as co-sponsored events with the International Sections of the ABA and D.C. Bar.

Officers and new board members for the 2012-13 fiscal year:


John M. Huddle
The Global Law Group, PLC
Ironfronts Building 1011 East Main Street, Suite 310
Richmond, VA 23219
PH:  (804) 788-4480
FAX:  (804) 788-4490

Vice Chair
Susan Kovarovics
Bryan Cave LLP
1155 F Street, N.W.
Washington, District of Columbia  20004
PH: (202) 508 6132
FAX: (202) 220 7432

Jones Day
51 Louisiana Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20001-2113
United States of America
PH:  (202) 879-5421
FAX: (202) 626-1700

Geoffrey Goodale
Trade Law Advisors, PLLC
2016 Dexter Drive
Falls Church, VA  22043
PH: (703) 618-6640
FAX.: (703) 995-0761

Newly-elected board members:

Number Reduced Per the Bylaws:  The bylaws establish a variable range of board members, with the number to be fixed by the members at the annual meeting.  At the 2013 annual meeting, the number of board members to serve 2013-2014 was reduced to eight.

The following persons were re-elected at the June, 2013, annual meeting for an additional three-year term:


J. Brent Justus
McGuireWoods, LLP
One James Center
901 East Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia  23219
PH:(804) 775-1018
FAX (804) 698-2026
Term Expires: 2016

Michael Kuhn
Fisher Broyles
4470 Cox Road, Suite 250
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060
PH:(804) 228-4206
FAX: n/a
Term Expires: 2016



Updated: Sep 19, 2013