International Practice Section

John M. Huddle, chair

Number of members: 368 (350 active and associate; 11 judicial; 7 other)

Special activities during the 2011-12 fiscal:

  • Substantially revised and updated website
  • Amended Bylaws
  • Recruited specialists to join the board
  • CLE at June, 2012 annual VSB meeting

Significant issues that arose and how they were resolved:

Inactive board: As has been the case for several years, continued lack of willingness of the current board members to participate in meetings and accept any responsibility for section needs and activities. Solved by (a) removal of one board member per bylaws and corrective action plan for two others; (b) recruitment of new board members with specific minimum acceptable performance criteria applicable to all board members; and (c) bylaws provision resulting in automatic removal for missing meetings unless board excuses for cause.

Few board members with substantive experience: Few of our board members actually practice regularly in international matters, thus lacked understanding of need of constituents. Solved by chair’s recruitment of new specialists.

Woefully outdated bylaws and section website: Solved by updating.

Continuing legal education programs sponsored by your group:
CLE at June, 2012, annual VSB meeting, co-sponsored with Antitrust, Business Law, and Corporate Counsel Sections.

Officers and new members for the 2011-12 fiscal year:
Chair, John M. Huddle
Vice chair and secretary to be appointed at organizational meeting of board in August/September.

Newly-elected board members:
Geoffrey M. Goodale, Melissa Stear Gorsline, J. Brent Justus, and Susan M. C. Kovarovics.

Updated: Aug 16, 2012