Special Committee on Information Technology

John M. Tran, chairman

The Committee on Information Technology continues the work of the Special Committee on Information Technology and the Computer Committee.
The committee members for 2013 were Sharon D. Nelson of Sensei Enterprises; Jeffrey Willis McLeod, Associate Commissioner/Director of Corporate Development at Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association; John K. Sheldon, from the Virginia Information Technologies Agency; Paul McGlone, a solo practitioner in Fairfax; Rodney Allen Satterwhite, a partner and senior tech advisor from McGuire Woods in Richmond; and Alan Durrum Wingfield, Troutman Sanders LLP.

The committee continued to oversee the bar’s procurement and implementation of electronic document and records management opportunities as part of the bar’s ongoing enterprise content management program.

In 2014, the committee will continue to look for support and input from Sharon Nelson, Jeffrey McLeod, John Sheldon, Paul McGlone, Rodney Satterwhite, Joshua David Heslinga, and Alan D. Wingfield.

Updated: Aug 15, 2013