Special Committee on Information Technology

John M. Tran, Chair

The Committee on Information Technology succeeds and continues the work of the Special Committee on Information Technology and the Computer Committee.

The transformation and upgrade of the Virginia State Bar’s Integrated Bar Information System (IBIS) computer system, reflects the nearly ten years of leadership of past chairs William T. Wilson, Dana D. McDaniel and John L. Deal. During that same period, the bar’s Information Technology Director, William H. Dickinson, has consistently been an integral part of the work of the committee, without whose support the bar’s IT system would not be where it is today.

The committee completed its five-year plan, which focuses on development of a secure and reliable IT infrastructure with improved customer access to bar information and services and to maximize the efficiencies offered by a robust IT system. At the same time, the plan recognizes the fiscal challenges that exist in today’s economy. Discussions of the challenges ahead included the need to support the anticipated telecommuting work of the bar counsel in Northern Virginia with the closing of the Alexandria office.

In April 2009, we recognized the contributions of a longstanding member, Professor Ellen M. Walk from the University of Richmond School of Continuing Studies. Professor Walk took a well-deserved retirement from her work on the committee, although, she could not help volunteering her services as an advisor in the future as the need arises.

Heading into fiscal 2009-10, the committee will continue to look for support and input from Mary Yancey Spencer, Elizabeth L. Keller, Edward L. Davis, and Susan C. Busch, who are expected to participate in the meetings. Thank you to committee members John K. Sheldon and Rodney Allen Satterwhite and VSB Executive Director Karen A. Gould for their service and commitment.


Updated: Sep 01, 2009