Committee on Resolution of Fee Disputes

Geetha Ravindra, chair

In 2008-09, the Special Committee on the Resolution of Fee Disputes tweaked some of its rules and processes. During the 2009-10 fiscal year, they allowed the changes to settle so that they could see how they would work and whether any other changes needed to be made.

The Committee would like to encourage judges and attorneys to continue to consider using this program in appropriate attorney-client fee dispute matters. The Committee continues to be interested in offering training to new mediators and arbitrators. It is coordinating with the Virginia Mediation Network to send out an updated request for application to Virginia certified mediators. The hope is to develop an additional cadre of highly trained neutrals to support the Fee Dispute Resolution Program.

Committee members for 2009-10 were Geetha Ravindra, chair; Anthony F. Troy, vice chair; lawyer members Carolyn Mary Grimes, Stephen Keith Lewellyn, Bruce Howard Matson, Frank George Uvanni, and Deborah Campbell Welsh; and lay members Joseph C. Fleig and Gloria Twitty.

Updated: Jun 23, 2011