Family Law

Lawrence P. Vance, Chair

The Virginia State Bar Family Law Section continued its 40 years of energetic work to improve the quality of family law practice in Virginia.  This year the Section Board actively cooperated with various workgroups of the Virginia Supreme Court addressing issues related to Guardian ad litems and other initiatives of the Court without engaging in legislative advocacy.

In addition to maintaining and updating our publications that are available to the general public, the Section presented the 36th Annual Family Law Seminar in various locations throughout Virginia in the Fall of 2017.  The Section also put on our best attended Annual Advanced Family Law Seminar, the 34th such seminar, in Richmond in April 2018.

This past year, the Section presented the Betty Ann Thompson Lifetime Achievement Award to J. Patrick McConnell, retired from the Reston law firm of Odin, Feldman Pittleman, P.C.  This Section also decided to present the Family Law Service Award to Mitchell D. Broudy, Senior Assistant Attorney General for the Eastern Virginia Regional Legal Division of Child Support Enforcement, for his efforts related to the creation of child support guidelines in non-traditional custodial arrangements.  

The Section also continued the tradition of naming and recognizing Outstanding Family Law Students at the Commonwealth’s law schools.  Those students selected demonstrated great promise and potential towards the practice of family law. 

Join me in welcoming our newest officers for the 2018-2019 Bar Year: Mary G. Commander as Section Chair, Susan M. Butler as Vice-Chair, and Steven L. Raynor as Secretary.  The Section Board is also pleased to welcome its newest member, Besianne Tavss Maiden, who starts her four year term with this Section.

Respectfully submitted,


Lawrence P. Vance, Section Chair

Updated: Jul 02, 2018