Family Law Section

Carl J. Witmeyer II, chair

The Family Law Section of The State Bar had a very active and engaging year and I am proud to have served as the chair and now the past-chair, beginning July 1, 2014. We had the largest attendance to our annual Advanced Family Law Seminar, in late April at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, with over 230 attendees and at that CLE we included numerous judges on our panel and also had a wonderful ethics presentation. In addition, we awarded our Lifetime Achievement Award, given annually in honor of our past-chair, Betty Thompson, to my friend James Korman. He and his family were very gracious in their acceptance of that annual award. We also gave our Service Award to Judge A. Ellen White during the same CLE. We had very good attendance at our October CLE sessions in 2013, and of course, we also authored the entire Virginia Lawyer magazine in February 2014, as part of our activities.

We were successful in the transformation of our Family Law Newsletter, which was published for all members of the Family Law Section to the Virginia Family Law Quarterly magazine, now edited by Brian Hirsch. He replaced Dick Crouch as editor of the Family Law Newsletter for over twenty-three years. Rich Garriott in Virginia Beach is chair as of July 1, 2014; Chuck Powers in Richmond is the vice chair; and Dan Gray from Fairfax is the secretary. I have now moved on the past chair. We have also circulated and promoted the idea of legislative surveys, which was then taken over by the General Assembly for funding, and we also have initiated surveys to all of our members about the use of spousal support guidelines in Virginia Circuit Courts. He have also circulated Guardian ad litem surveys.

Finally, we are now the third-largest section of the state bar with 2,039 members, which was a growth of over 100 members from last year. We enacted a budget of $36,160 and as we do normally, we spent the entire amount through the end of the year. Finally, we are able to welcome two new members to the board of governors, Susan Butler of Fairfax and Steven L. Raynor of Charlottesville.

Updated: Jul 01, 2014