Education of Lawyers

Jim Moliterno, Chair  


As of June 2015, the Education of Lawyers Section had 539 members, up from 428 last year.  


The budget for fiscal year 2014-15 was $9,200.  

Rakes Leadership in Education Award

The 2015 recipient of the Rakes Leadership in Education Award was Judge Waugh Crigler.

Follow Up to the 2012 20th Anniversary Conclave

The Section continued to follow up on the 2012 Conclave on legal education reform, and on the 2014-15 efforts, by pressing forward to facilitate the creation of high-quality writing CLE programs. Under the leadership of Jeanne Franklin, several meetings were held with interested VBA Law Practice Management collaborators and with Virginia CLE. Design of the program is underway and the first offering is likely to be during 2015-16.

Prelaw Efforts

This year our section has partnered with the Young Lawyers’ Conference to support its minority prelaw conference.  We offered $500 in financial support and initiated a mentoring program that permits attendees to be matched with a mentor from the Section or the YLC.

Professionalism Program

The Section presented a professionalism program for law students at each of the eight law schools in Virginia.  Judge Crigler and John Bredehoft led this effort.   


The Section published two editions of its newsletter, Education & Practice, in the fall and in the spring under the leadership of its editor, Prof. Dale Cheka of the University of Richmond.


Officers elected for 2015-16 were Prof. Jim Moliterno, Chair, Judge Waugh Crigler, Vice Chair, and Sharon Pandak, Secretary. A. Benjamin Spencer is the Immediate Past Chair.

Updated: Jul 27, 2015