Criminal Law

Nancy Grace Parr, Chair

It has been an honor to serve as chair of the Virginia State Bar’s Section on Criminal Law for the 2018-2019 bar year.  My fellow officers included Seth Weston, Vice Chair; Samuel Eugene Fishel IV, Secretary; and Tim Heaphy, Immediate Past Chair.  

The following members joined the board on July 1, 2018:  Joseph D. Platania of Charlottesville; Theresa J. Royall of Nottoway; Judge Tasha D. Scott of Norfolk; and Judge Gordon S. Vincent of Accomack.

With a membership of 2,476 members, including 2113 active members and 348 judicial members, the section remains the second largest section of the Virginia State Bar. Its operating budget for 2018-2019 was $48,400.

Newsletter editor Professor Ron Bacigal, of the University of Richmond, published four issues of Criminal Law News during the year, and also completed the 2019 edition of the Capital Case Trial Manual.  

The section sponsored its 49th Annual Criminal Law Seminar in February 2019, with a live session in Charlottesville on February 1st, followed by a live Williamsburg session on February 8th.  Section Vice-Chair Seth Weston served as seminar program chair and moderator. Total seminar attendance included 549 for the live February sessions, and an additional 192 for the video replays held in March and April.    

The section’s Harry L. Carrico Professionalism Award was presented at the Williamsburg Seminar to the Honorable M. Hannah Lauck, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

As part of its ongoing partnership with Virginia law schools, the section awarded stipends in June 2019 to the public law schools (George Mason, UVA and William & Mary) to fund student internships in the field of criminal justice for the summer of 2019. 

During the 81stAnnual Meeting of the Virginia State Bar, the section sponsored a Showcase CLE program on Friday, June 14, 2019: So the Officer was Wearing a Body Camera – Now What? The program drew a crowd of approximately 150 lawyers and judges. 

In conjunction with the State Bar’s Annual Meeting, the section held its annual business meeting at which time the following officers were elected for a one year term beginning July 1, 2019:
Seth Weston, Chair; and Samuel Eugene Fishel IV, Vice Chair; James Daniel Vinson, Secretary; and Nancy G. Parr, Immediate Past Chair.

The following board members were also elected to four-year terms, beginning July 1, 2019:
George Neskis, Alison Powers, Honorable Roderick Young, Julia Sichol and LaBravia Jenkins. Theresa Royall moved to a vacant judicial role.

On behalf of the board, I extend our sincere appreciation to board members Richard Doummar, Maria Jankowski, Honorable Robert Ballou and Jim Plowman whose terms ended on June 30th.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Grace Parr, Chair

Updated: Jul 12, 2019