Corporate Counsel

Mark E. Newcomb, Chair

The Corporate Counsel Section continues to serve the needs of Virginia lawyers by sponsoring events and facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among in-house attorneys.

The Corporate Counsel Section currently has 1738 members. The annual budget for the past fiscal year was $24,048.00 and has a remining balance of $18,610.64

The Corporate Counsel Section held eight board meetings this year, all but one of which were held via teleconference. The section coordinated the following programs this year:

  • In Fall 2019, the section created a Listserv that section members can join to discuss Corporate Counsel-related topics and learn about opportunities to participate in section activities. 
  • The section continued to offer Corporate Counsel Panels at each of the Virginia law schools. The last panel in Spring 2020 was even done virtually to accommodate the students who were attending classes remotely due to the pandemic.
  • The Board developed the Corporate Counsel Award to be offered in the next Bar year. This is a monetary award that will be given to a recent law school grad who intends to sit for the Virginia Bar Exam and take an in-house position. The award will cover the cost of the Bar Exam, including the Character & Fitness portion, and the first year of membership dues. This will be offered for both the February and July 2021 exams. 
  • The Corporate Counsel Section provided articles for the April 2020 Corporate Counsel issue of Virginia Lawyer Magazine. 
  • The section also offered a free webinar that included 1.0 hour of CLE credits in May 2020. Speaker Dennis Quinn presented on Technology & Ethics.
  • The section was a co-sponsor for a CLE about the 19th Amendment Centennial for the 2020 Annual Meeting; this meeting was cancelled.


Finally, the section hosted a virtual Annual Meeting in June 2020, where section members were invited to participate in year-end business, such as voting in next year’s board of governors. 

The Board of Directors of the Corporate Counsel Section for the upcoming year includes the following members and officers:

David Newsome, Jr., Chair

Barbara A. Fisher, Vice Chair

Stephanie J. Gilliard, Secretary

Mark E. Newcomb, Imm. Past Chair

Ross L. Hays

Thomas D. Applewhite

Elizabeth G. Engle

Adam B. Hark

Donald F. Lynch, III

Mary A. Richardson

George L. Washington, Jr.

Lisa C. White

Finally, I would like to conclude by thanking my predecessor, Naoina Gartee for her good counsel and continued service to the Section and Bar throughout the year and congratulate David Newsome, Barbara Fisher, and Stephanie Gilliard for their election as officers for the 2020-2021 Bar year.  I wish you each the best of success.…

Updated: Jul 15, 2020