Elizabeth A. Andrews, chair

Law in Society Essay Contest

Among the responsibilities of the committee is administration of the Law in Society Essay Contest, which was developed to increase awareness of and appreciation for the US Constitution and legal system. The contest is co-sponsored by the Litigation Section. We received 193 entries this year, of which 165 were advanced for judging. Last year (2014-15) we received only 57 entries from 38 schools, of which 52 were advanced for judging. The previous year (2013-14), we had 201 entries but only 120 were advanced to judging, and the year before (2012-13) we had 47 entries and almost all of them were advanced to judging. The staff made a concerted effort this year to increase participation by more aggressively marketing the essay contest to schools and home school groups. At the committee’s direction, staff also increased the length of the contest period from 15 weeks to 17 weeks, starting on September 14, so that teachers would be able to assign the essay at the beginning of the school year.

Claire Dozier of Mclean High School was awarded first place this year. She and her family attended the Annual Meeting to receive her award. This year’s hypothetical question asked students to explore the issue of student privacy in a school vs. out-of-school setting as it pertains to social media, cell phones, and text messages in an essay of 750-1,000 words. The essays were judged by a panel of lawyers and staff from the Virginia State Bar.

Publication of Virginia Lawyer and Virginia Lawyer Register

The committee oversaw the publication of six issues of the magazine. Issues focused on Health Law, Technology and the Practice of Law, Tax Law, Construction Law and Public Contracts, Bankruptcy Law, and International Practice. The magazine continued publishing the popular “Law Stories” – short features written by members of the bar about their experiences. A new feature, titled “Lawyers and Leisure,” started in the April issue.

Social media

With the committee’s approval, the Communications Department began stepping up the use of Facebook and Twitter to market the bar’s many positives. The VSB Facebook page has about 200 followers and continues to grow. The VSB Twitter account has almost 2,000 followers and tweets about news items and events pertaining to the VSB.

Web redesign

The 2016-17 VSB budget includes money to hire a company to begin redesign of the 10-year-old website.


Elizabeth A. Andrews, chair; Mary L.C. Daniel, vice-chair; Kristin B. Burch, Alan H. Cooper, Kelly C. Cutler, William P. Gvoth, Michael A. Nicholas, Harold Eugene Oliver III, Keith D. Parsons, Kathleen m. Stotish, Reiss F. Wilks, and Daniel S. Wolf. Bar liaison, Gordon Hickey.

Updated: Aug 04, 2016