Special Committee on Communications

Elizabeth A. Andrews, chair

President-elect Video Project
Virginia State Bar President-elect Sharon D. Nelson informed the committee that she supports the bar producing videos in English and Spanish, housed on YouTube, accessible through the VSB website, to inform the public and members about the work of the agency. The committee voted in favor of the project to proceed in stages of five videos, per approval of the committee, for a potential of twenty in the next FY. The committee approved draft scripts for videos on fee dispute resolution, lawyer referral, the client’s protection fund, the So You’re 18 brochure, and the Senior Citizens Handbook.

Social Media/Interactive
The committee approved a request by the bar’s Family Law Section for a Facebook group page moderated by its chair, with edits made by the committee per the VSB media policy.

The committee agreed to consider bar section requests for interactive listservs when section chairs agree to moderate and supervise them.

 After the committee’s review (last year) of plans for bar development of applications and website optimization for tablets and iPhones, the bar announced a mobile website and app for members.

Law in Society Essay Contest
A new format for the high school essay contest asked students to write a law making it illegal for students to try to intimidate their teacher online. Committee members were among the judges of essays from 37 students and 31 schools. Committee members volunteered to present awards to the winners.

New Essay Contest
Sharon Nelson presented a possible new essay contest for law students that would coincide with the bar's 75th anniversary during her tenure as president. With a possible topic on the future of the law profession, the essays would be funded by private law firms and reviewed by law school professors with general oversight by the communications committee. The committee has not been asked to make a decision yet on the contest, since details are still being determined.

Elizabeth A. Andrews, chair; Mary L.C. Daniel, vice-chair; Terry W. Raney, Kristin B. Burch, Alan H. Cooper, David A. Hirsch, Patrick B. McDermott, Michael A. Nicholas, Keith D. Parsons, Robert M. Tyler, Joseph F. Verser, and Reiss F. Wilks. Bar liaison, Rodney A. Coggin.


Updated: Jul 08, 2013