Special Committee on Communications

Elizabeth M. Allen, chair

The Special Committee on Communications announced a hypothetical for the annual Virginia high school student essay competition that asked participants to consider the issue of cyberbullying.  There were more than 226 entries from 64 schools—an increase from the 147 entries and 47 schools the year before. The committee considered creating a special category for ESL students, but decided against it after VSB staff consulted ESL teachers. The committee established a liaison from the Young Lawyers Conference to help with the essay promotion and judging. The committee also asked the bar staff to send thank-you letters to the principals of the schools that participated, encouraging them to continue their participation and asking for input into next year's essay topic.

The committee considered the proposal by VSB publications staff to make columns written by conference chairs in Virginia Lawyer magazine optional. It agreed that the readers of these columns might be better served by more frequent e-blasts, electronic newsletters, Web-based pages and as-needed news or opinion articles in the magazine, since conference members are increasingly using electronic means to communicate, and because the information in the columns is often the same as conference newsletter content.  It was the sense of the committee that the regular columns should be dropped from the magazine.

After hearing a request from the VSB administration to re-visit the social media policy regarding listservs, there was an agreement that listservs are covered by the policy and will remain post-only. 

The Real Property Section of the VSB asked the committee to review its proposal for a "community of interest" portal. A subcommittee reported to the full committee and the bar administration is considering its feasibility.

The committee reviewed plans for bar development of applications and website optimization for tablets and iPhones. Members of the committee were: Elizabeth Armistead Andrews, chair; Mary Louise Costello Daniel, vice chair; Kristan Boyd Burch, Robert Leonard Flax, David Alan Hirsch, Patrick B. McDermott, Michael Anthony Nicholas, Keith David Parsons, Terry William Raney, Robert Michael Tyler, and Reiss Frederick Wilks.

Rodney A. Coggin served as VSB staff liaison.

Updated: Aug 15, 2012