Special Committee on Communications

Elizabeth M. Allen, chair

The Communications Committee oversees the Virginia State Bar's communications to the membership and the public. It provides editorial and advertising guidance for the Virginia State Bar magazines and other print publications, videos, and VSB.org and associated online media. The committee also promotes other public relations efforts that serve the interests of VSB members and the public.

In September, the committee asked the Virginia State Bar Litigation Section for additional funds to support the Bar’s Law in Society Scholarship for high school seniors. In response, the section agreed to increase its contribution for 2011. In preparing for the upcoming essay competition, committee members considered several hypotheticals ultimately selecting one based on the cultural and legal issues raised by the proposal to build a mosque near the former location of the Twin Towers in New York. Elizabeth A. Andrews, with input from other committee members, drafted the hypothetical.

Committee members considered a social media policy for the Bar. Preliminary versions of the policy were drafted by a subcommittee of the Communications Committee and the VSB Special Committee on Technology and Law. Communications committee member Robert M. Tyler was the principal author of the policy which was submitted to and passed by the Bar’s Executive Committee.

The Communication Committee reviewed a proposed publication by the Bar’s Real Property Section and asked that the section re-draft the document and resubmit.

Members of the committee were Elizabeth Morrell Allen, chair; Elizabeth Armistead Andrews, vice chair;  Alfred William Bates III, Kristan Boyd Burch, Mary Louise Costello Daniel, Robert Leonard Flax, Robert Cameron Hagan, Jr., David Alan Hirsch, Alexander Nicholas Levay Jr., Barrett Erskine Pope, Terry William Raney, and Robert Michael Tyler. ??

Rodney A. Coggin was liaison to the committee. ?


Updated: Jun 23, 2011