Special Committee on Communications

By Bruce M. Marshall, chair

The members of the Special Committee on Publications and Public Information agreed that the mission statement and committee name did not reflect recent changes in technology and social media used to inform members and the public. Therefore, the mission and name of the committee were changed to the Special Committee on Communications.

The Communications Committee oversees the Virginia State Bar's communications to the membership and the public. It provides editorial and advertising guidance for the Virginia State Bar magazines and other print publications, videos, and VSB.org and associated online media. The committee also promotes other public relations efforts that serve the interests of VSB members and the public.

The committee for the first time worked with the Virginia Department of Education to develop and distribute a Law in Society Award essay competition hypothetical to Virginia high schools and established a further joint effort in these regards.

The committee considered how the bar’s publications would be sent out to its membership, recognizing that in a matter of time it will all be in electronic form. For now, however, the membership still wants paper copies.

The committee changed the format for the Virginia Lawyer, reducing the cost of production by $5,500.00 per issue.

The committee addressed and agreed to a change in the types of advertising that will be solicited prospectively for Virginia Lawyer, liberalizing the scope and potentially greatly increasing the revenues of the magazine.

The committee expressed its willingness to fully support 2009-10 President Jon D. Huddleston’s video project by donating $6,700 from its budget, and further supporting it in Virginia Lawyer with parallel articles about citizen lawyers.

Members of the committee in 2008-09 were Bruce Montgomery Marshall, chair; William Latane Lewis, vice chair; Elizabeth Morrell Allen; Robert Clifford Barclay IV; Robert Leonard Flax; Mitchell Paul Goldstein; Robert Cameron Hagan Jr.; Alexander Nicholas Levay Jr.; Mary Beth Long; Barrett Erskine Pope; Terry William Raney; John Paul Vita; and William Malcolm Watson Jr. Rodney A. Coggin is the VSB liaison.

In 2009-10, William Latane Lewis will serve as chair and Elizabeth M. Allen as vice chair. New members are Elizabeth Armistead Andrews, Alfred William Bates III, David A. Hirsh, and Robert Michael Tyler.

Updated: Aug 27, 2009