Special Committee on Seminars

Sharon D. Nelson, Chair

The principal function of this committee is to plan upcoming Midyear Legal Seminars. Members of the committee for the last year included: Michael Blair, Irving M. Blank, James O. Broccoletti, John E. Byrnes; Richard L. Camaur, Wayne F. Cyron, Terry N. Grimes, I. Lionel Hancock III, James W. Korman, Stephen A. Strickler, Cathleen A. Tucker, Judge George D. Varoutsos, Edward L. Weiner, and William L. Schmidt, ex officio.

The 2012 Midyear Seminar was held at the St. Regis Rome, Italy, November 7-14, with a pre- trip to Sorrento. Approximately 130 attorneys and spouses were in attendance. The CLE program included two three-hour presentations: Get Your Head Out of the Cloud: Explore the Effects of Globalization and Technology on the Practice of Law, sponsored by the Litigation Section; Making A Silk Purse Out of A Sow’s Ear: Rehabilitating Your ‘Less than Perfect’ Client Through the Use of Pretrial Discovery, sponsored by the Family Law Section; and two one hour technology presentations: Locked Down: Information Security for Lawyers and iPad for Lawyers. In addition, there was a Comparative Law Symposium entitled A Basic Primer on the Comparative Differences between Italian and American Laws and Legal Systems, featuring a panel of local lawyers and Italian officials. The symposium was followed by a reception and luncheon.  The seminar qualified for a total of nine hours of MCLE credit, including 5 hours of ethics.

The Midyear Legal Seminar Committee also finalized plans for the 2013 seminar which will be held at the Paris Westin Place Vendôme, with a pre-trip to Marseilles, France. Approximately 150 lawyers, spouses and guests are currently registered for the Paris seminar.

Updated: Aug 07, 2014