Business Law


John M. Huddle, Chair


By its duly appointed Chairman, the Business Law Section files this Annual Report for the July 1, 2015---June 30, 2016 work year.


  1. Membership:  The most recent statistics provided for our section at are as follows (June 1, 2016):













  1. Special Activities and Persons Responsible for Each:


  1. 43rd Advanced Business Law Conference (April 22-23, 2016), Wintergreen Resort:  John Huddle, Section Chair served as Conference Committee Chair, and Board Members Steven Keeler and Karl Knoll served on the Conference Committee.  Each of the other Board members were panelists at this event and also assisted in planning the event:  Matthew Clary, J. Brent Justus, and Fourd Kemper.


  1. Major revision to Section website content and periodic updates: Section Chair John Huddle handled this with technical support from an outside vendor approved by the Board.


  1. Dedicated issue of Virginia Lawyer magazine (June-July issue):  Section Chair John Huddle recruited authors and acted as Chair of this activity.  Articles were solicited from members as well as the Board, and ultimately three articles were contributed, two by Section Chair John Huddle and one by Board member Steven Keeler.


  1. Significant issues that arose and how they were resolved:  The Section had become dormant, with limited activity in 2012-13, no board meetings at all during the 2-year tenure of the immediately preceding Chair (2013-2015), and the hallmark section event (the Annual Advanced Business Law Conference) had not been held since 2012 and was at risk of extinction.  As acting Chair, John Huddle conducted a telephone board meeting in May, 2015 to begin reconstitution and re-vitalization of the Board, and the numerous telecon meetings and one Board dinner meeting that followed during this term enabled us to successfully revive and conduct the 43rd Advanced Business Law Conference and the other activities reported herein.


  1. Continuing legal education programs sponsored by this Section:  Our major work this term was the 43rd Advanced Business Law Conference which we planned, staffed and conducted on April 22-23 at Wintergreen Resort in cooperation with VACLE.  Our vision for this event was to revitalize its role as not only a premier CLE event, but equally importantly, a venue in which business lawyers could network and establish relationships to enable them to meet the needs of their clients in the months and years to come in the dynamic and rapidly changing global environment in which we and our clients must operate.


  1. Officers and board members for the next fiscal year:


Chair:  John M. Huddle, CEO & Founder, The Global Law Group, PLC (Richmond)

Secretary:  Karl Knoll, General Counsel & Secretary, Clarabridge (Reston)


Other Board Members:

Matthew Clary, Fourd Kemper, J. Brent Justus, Steven J. Keeler, and Dana McDaniel.

Updated: Aug 04, 2016