Business Law

John M, Huddle, Chair

By its duly appointed Chairman, the Business Law Section files this Annual Report for the July 1, 2017--- June 30, 2018 work year.

  1. Membership: The most recent statistics provided for our section at http: are as follows (June 1, 2018):












    +8 from 2017

  2. Special Activities and Persons Responsible for Each:

    1. 45th Advanced Business Law Conference (Sept. 7-8, 2018), Wintergreen Resort: planning was conducted during this term and the event will occur in 2018-2019 work year. John Huddle, Section Chair coordinated and appointed Conference Committee Co-Chairs Steven Keeler and Karl Knoll; Board member Matt Clary (Chair for coming year) has coordinated with VACLE. All of the other Board members have also assisted in planning the event: J. Brent Justus, and Dana McDaniel.

    2. Board Member Dana McDaniel was re-appointed as website committee Chair in June.


  3. Significant issues that arose and how they were resolved: Having accomplished revitalization of the Section and resumption of the Advanced Annual Business Conference during the prior two years of my term, our biggest challenge this year was sufficient manpower, and we also identified increased geographic diversity on the Board as a goal. We thus focused this year on identifying and recruiting qualified leaders from the Virginia business bar to increase Board capabilities. We added two new Board Members effective as of the 2018 Annual Section Meeting, both of which practice in geographic regions not currently represented on the Board (Hampton Roads Region and the Southwest Virginia/New River Valley Region).


  4. Continuing legal education programs sponsored by this Section: Our major project each year is the Advanced Business Law Conference—next Conference will be the 45th, and we accomplished planning of agenda and finalization to conduct the Conference at Wintergreen Resort again this year (September).


  5. Officers and board members for the next fiscal year:

Chair: Matthew J. Clary, Law Offices of Matthew J. Clary (Fairfax)
Vice Chair: Steven J. Keeler, Partner, McGuire Woods (Charlottesville)
Secretary: Karl Knoll, General Counsel & Secretary, Clarabridge (Reston)
Treasurer: J. Brent Justus, Partner, McGuire Woods (Richmond)
Vice President, Communications/Website; Dana McDaniel, Principal, Spotts Fain (Richmond)

Other Board Members:
John M. Huddle, CEO & Founder, The Global Law Group, PLC (Richmond)
Steven L. Brinker, Partner, Crenshaw, Ware & Martin, P.L.C. (Norfolk)
Autumn Visser, partner, Woods Rogers (Roanoke) 


Updated: Aug 14, 2018