Business Law Section

Matthew A. Clary III, Chair

Number of members:  1,801

2011-12 Activities: Matthew A. Clary III worked with Virginia CLE to plan, coordinate and present the 29th annual Business Law Seminar – “Business Financing in Difficult Financial Times” in Northern Virginia in October 2011 and to co-sponsor with the International, Antitrust and Corporate Counsel sections a CLE presentation at the Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach on “Strategies for Successful Compliance Programs, Pitfalls and Traps for the Unwary.”

Additionally, Mr. Clary initiated efforts to expand the section’s board of governors from eight members to twelve and to adopt a facilitating amendment of the section’s bylaws which was recommended by the section’s board of governors and approved by the members at the June 15, 2012, annual meeting. It is the belief of the board that this expansion will help facilitate better input into our seminar planning, not to mention opening up some potential resources for speakers as well as volunteers on some of the projects we have consistently failed to staff (newsletter and improved resource center). Additionally, this may also help promote a few quarterly board meetings in person to get people other than the chair involved in section projects.

In consultation with incoming chair, Steven J. Keeler, and with VA CLE director, Brian J. Bill, the annual Advanced Business Law CLE was postponed until the fall in order to totally revamp the format of the 42nd annual Advanced Business Law Seminar. The new format will be a two-day program (from noon on Friday, October 12 through 1 p.m. on Saturday, October13) at the Williamsburg Lodge, punctuated with a dinner on Friday night and an interesting speaker that might appeal to both lawyers and their spouses or significant others as well.It is believed that this change will not only maintain a high standard of CLE presentations, but also make it a more social event, hopefully attracting a larger attendance, and provide an opportunity for business lawyers across the state to get to know each other. VA CLE will be providing lunch on Friday and a continental breakfast on Saturday morning, and beverage service throughout.

Finally, during the year, representatives of the Business Law Section joined with members of the Virginia Bar Association's Business Law Section to form a joint VBA/VSB Legal Opinion Steering Committee, co-chaired by Mr. Clary and Allison M. Mckee of Troutman Sanders, which has compiled a first draft of a Virginia Report on Third Party Legal Opinions.  After further review among and editing by the members of the steering committee, the joint committee plans to circulate a draft more broadly to various law firms in the Commonwealth for comment before submitting it to the governing bodies for approval anticipated to be in 2013.

On June 15, 2012, Karl T. Knoll was elected and Steven J. Keeler was re-elected to the board for four-year terms ending 2016. Mr. Keeler was elected chair, Nicholas Conte was elected vice-chair and John M. Ramirez was elected secretary.

Updated: Aug 16, 2012