Budget and Finance

Allan Anderson, Chair

The Standing Committee on Budget and Finance conducted a joint meeting with the Executive Committee on September 14, 2012, to consider changes to the bar’s 2012/2014 appropriation.  The changes approved by the committee were for staff salary adjustments and funds to cover the Enterprise Content Records Management (ECRM) project.  Despite considerable effort on behalf of the staff “catch-up” salary proposal, the governor only approved the additional appropriation request of $300,000 for each year of the biennium for the ECRM project, which was also approved by the legislature during the 2013 General Assembly session.          

The Standing Committee on Budget and Finance met on April 23, 2013, to review, revise and approve the staff’s proposal for the 2013/2014 operating budget.  The Virginia Supreme Court approved the budget on June 4, 2013, and it was reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee on June 12, 2013.  On June 13, 2013, Bar Council considered, and unanimously passed, an operating budget of $14,660,000 for the 2013/2014 fiscal year for the bar.              

This budget reflects an increase of $1,089,000 over the budget for the prior fiscal year which ended on June 30, 2013.  The increase was primarily due to a 2 percent salary increase for bar staff, which all state employees will receive, an additional salary adjustment for all eligible state employees based on years of service, and an increase in state employee benefits.  The budget also includes $500,000 as an estimate to cover moving and relocation expenses for the bar office.  The location of the new office space has not been determined, which makes it difficult to accurately project the expenses for the move and relocation.  In addition, the contribution to the Lawyers Helping Lawyers program was increased to $150,000 from $135,000.

The committee continues to evaluate the appropriate levels of reserves for the bar.  

Updated: Sep 19, 2013