Bankruptcy Law

Angela M. Scolforo, Chair 

The Bankruptcy Section had over 700 members during the 2015-2016 fiscal year.  The highlights of our fiscal year were as follows:

  1. The Bankruptcy Section was featured in the February 2016 edition of the Virginia Lawyer magazine, in which we had several articles appear relating to bankruptcy topics.
  2. Bankruptcy Law News:  The Section continued with its highly successful and popular quarterly newsletter (now delivered by email to our members) featuring at least 2 lead articles, a message from the Clerk of either the ED or WD Bankruptcy Court, a message from the Section Chair, a message from the Newsletter Editor, and case notes and highlights.  Sarah Boehm, our Newsletter Editor, had done a fabulous job in this role in terms of putting out extremely high quality and timely publications and turned those duties over to Andrea Davison this year.
  3. Spring CLE:  The Section Vice-Chair, Madeline Trainor, in conjunction with Virginia CLE, put on a very successful CLE in March that highlighted issues in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.  Several of our Judges and Trustees participated at the live CLE in Northern Virginia. 
  4. Proof of Claim Seminars:  The Section made progress in terms of planning these seminars to occur during the 2016-17 bar year, which are geared towards the non-lawyer professionals who routinely prepare and file proofs of claim with the Bankruptcy Court.  It is anticipated that a seminar will be conducted in Norfolk in the fall and then in Northern Virginia in the spring.
  5. Case Updates on the Website:  The Section continued its efforts on this project, and worked on ways to make the updates more useable and searchable by the members.
  6. Meetings/Dinners:  We held our annual Winter dinner meeting in Charlottesville in February and held our annual Summer dinner meeting in Virginia Beach in June in conjunction with the VSB Annual Meeting.
  7. 2016-17 Section Leadership:  The following have been formally installed with unanimous approval of the Board of Governors and with unanimous approval of the Section members who attended our lunch/annual meeting at the VSB Annual Meeting:  Madeline Trainor, Chair; Christopher Jones, Vice-Chair, and Sarah Boehm, Secretary.
  8. New Board of Governors Members:  The following have been formally elected to the Board of Governors for three-year terms upon the nomination of Nominating Committees from the ED and WD and with unanimous approval of the Board of Governors:  Hannah Hutman from the WD and J.R. Smith from the ED, to succeed Angela Scolforo from the WD and Mike Mueller from the ED, whose terms have expired.  The Board consists of 12 members going into the 2016-17 bar year.
Updated: Aug 02, 2016