Resolution of Fee Disputes

Kathryn N. Byler, Chair

Circuit Committees on the Resolution of Fee Disputes

There are currently eleven CCRFDs in Virginia. The committee would like to encourage judges and attorneys to continue to consider using this program in appropriate attorney-client fee dispute matters.  The committee has set a goal to establish sufficient CCRFDs to provide the program throughout the Commonwealth and to replenish the current CCRFD panels.

CLE Program

The SCRFD plans to offer training for existing and new arbitrators and mediators in FY 2016-2017.  Training will be held in Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk and Northern Virginia, and take place before October 30, 2016, so attendees can receive CLE and CME credit prior to the VSB and Supreme Court of Virginia 2016 reporting deadline. 


In fiscal year 2016, one hundred and sixty-five (165) fee dispute packets were mailed from the VSB in response to requests.  In that time period, chairs received agreements to participate from client petitioners in sixty (60) instances and from attorney petitioners in seven (7) instances. Agreements were returned from client respondents in three (3) cases and from attorney respondents in twenty-six (26) cases. There were eight (8) arbitrations and twelve (12) mediations. Eight (8) cases were resolved prior to mediation or arbitration. At the end of the fiscal year, there were four (4) mediations pending and six (6) arbitrations pending.


Committee members for 2015-2016 were Kathryn N. Byler, chair, Carolyn M. Grimes, vice chair, Caroline E. Browder, William B. Kilduff, David A. McKelvey, Alexander N. Simon, Robert P. Stenzhorn, Yvonne S. Berry, and Thomas Gallagher.

Updated: Sep 21, 2016