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Professional Guidelines

13-26 Appeal From Board Determinations

  1. Right of Appeal. As a matter of right any Respondent may appeal to this Court from an order of Admonition, Public Reprimand, Suspension, or Disbarment imposed by the Board, except for any sanction to which Respondent has agreed, using the procedures outlined in Rule 5:21(b) of the Rules of this Court.  An appeal shall lie once the Memorandum Order described in this Paragraph has been served on the Respondent.  No appeal shall lie from a Summary Order or Agreed Disposition.  If a Respondent appeals to this Court, then the Bar may file assignments of cross-error pursuant to Rule 5:28 of the Rules of this Court.
  2. Determination. This Court shall hear the case and make such determination in connection therewith as it shall deem right and proper.
  3. Office of the Attorney General. In all appeals to this Court, the Office of the Attorney General, or the Bar Counsel, if so requested by the Attorney General, shall represent the interests of the Commonwealth and its citizens as appellees.


The amendments effective December 1, 2019, revised Paragraph 13-26 to clarify and simplify language.

The amendments effective January 31, 2014, revised Paragraph 13-26 regarding appeals from Disciplinary Board determinations.

Updated: November 26, 2019