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Professional Guidelines

13-20 Board Proceedings Upon Certification For Sanction Determination

  1. Initiation of Proceedings. Upon receipt of the Certification for Sanction Determination from a District Committee, the Clerk shall issue a notice of hearing on the Certification for Sanction Determination giving Respondent the date, time and place of the Proceeding and a copy of the Certification for Sanction Determination.
  2. Proceedings Upon the Record. The proceeding shall be conducted upon the record which shall consist of the Public Reprimand with Terms determination issued by either a Subcommittee or a District Committee, the transcript of the District Committee show cause hearing, and the Certification for Sanction Determination.
  3. Evidence. Evidence only of mitigation and aggravation with respect to compliance or certification shall be permitted in the proceeding.
  4. Argument. Argument shall be conducted as in the sanction phase of a Misconduct case.
  5. Sanctions. The Board may impose a sanction of Suspension or Revocation of License.


The amendments effective December 1, 2019revised Paragraph 13-20 to clarify and simplify language.

Updated: November 25, 2019