Professional Guidelines

An agency of the Supreme Court of Virginia

The Virginia State Bar

Professional Guidelines

9. Powers of the Council—

The Council shall have general charge of the administration of the affairs of the Virginia State Bar, and shall have the power:
  • (a) To adopt Bylaws for the Council and the Virginia State Bar not in conflict with these rules.
  • (b) To elect the officers provided for by these rules.
  • (c) To fill vacancies in the Council for unexpired terms if there should be a failure for sixty days to elect as provided in Section (6) and to fill vacancies in any office for unexpired terms.
  • (d) To appoint committees and prescribe their duties.
  • (e) To employ such assistants as it deems necessary and to fix their duties and compensation and the compensation of the Secretary-Treasurer.
  • (f) To make allocations of funds within the amounts available.
  • (g) To conduct such investigations and make such reports as may be directed by the Supreme Court or by the bar.
  • (h) To render advisory opinions as provided in Section (10).
  • (i) To establish an Administration and Finance Fund from which expenses related to meetings of the Council, meetings of the Executive Committee, the Annual and Midyear Meetings, and other official functions of the Virginia State Bar may be paid. The Fund shall be composed of funds appropriated to it by Council, or otherwise received. Such funds may be held, managed and invested as authorized or directed by Council. Disbursements from the fund shall be made as authorized by Council to pay the necessary expenses related to official functions of the Virginia State Bar as authorized by these Rules including, but not limited to, those expenses resulting from the exercise of the Council’s powers under these Rules.
  • (j) The Council may, at its discretion or upon a written request of the majority of the members of the Virginia State Bar or pursuant to a resolution duly adopted at a regular or called meeting, exercise the necessary powers:

To promote reforms in judicial procedure and the judicial system that are intended to improve the quality and fairness of the system;

To recommend to the Supreme Court procedures for the disciplining, suspending and disbarring of attorneys;

To recommend to the Supreme Court the adoption of, modifications to, amendments to or the repeal of any rule of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia;

To regulate the legal profession;

To improve the quality of the legal services made available to the people of Virginia;

To investigate, evaluate or endorse judicial candidates on a nonpartisan, merit basis;

To uphold and elevate the standards of honor, of integrity and of courtesy in the legal profession;

To encourage higher and better education for membership in the profession; and

To encourage and promote diversity in the profession and the judiciary; and

To perform all duties imposed by law.


Updated: March 3, 2010