Professional Guidelines

An agency of the Supreme Court of Virginia

The Virginia State Bar

Professional Guidelines

8. Annual Meeting of the Virginia State Bar—

Annually, on or before July 1, there shall be held a meeting of the members of the Virginia State Bar at a time and place designated by the Council or Executive Committee and presided over by the President. All officers elected at the annual meeting or by the Council shall take office immediately upon adjournment of the annual meeting except in cases where vacancies are filled for an unexpired term. At such meeting there shall be a report from the officers and from the Council, and there shall be elected the President and President-Elect for the ensuing year.

A quorum at such meeting shall be those members of the Virginia State Bar present and voting.

There may be transacted also such other business as may come before the meeting.

A special meeting of the Virginia State Bar may be called by the Council. 

Updated: December 20, 2009