April 19, 2024

VSB Council Welcomes New Leaders in 2024

The Virginia State Bar Council has 23 new members from across the Commonwealth whose terms will begin July 1, 2024, as well as at-large members appointed by the Supreme Court of Virginia. Additionally, effective July 1, 2024, the VSB will have a new president, president-elect, and immediate past president. Next year’s leadership is as follows:


Judicial Circuit and Name

4th Judicial Circuit

  • Peters, Corrynn J. (2nd Term)  

8th Judicial Circuit

  • Meade, Veronica E. (2nd Term)   

12th Judicial Circuit

  • George-Eliades, Adrienne

13th Judicial Circuit

  • Dix, Mark D. (2nd Term)
  • Elliott, Kyle R.
  • Harris, Shameka L.
  • Johnson, Alicia Roberts
  • Willis, Jr., Gordon F.

14th Judicial Circuit 

  • Grana, Stephanie E.

16th Judicial Circuit

  • Howard-Smith, Richard H. (2nd Term)

17th Judicial Circuit

  • Hunter, Gregory T.
  • Krischer, Adam M. (2nd Term)

18th Judicial Circuit 

  • Gehrig, Nicholas J. (2nd Term)
  • Hagan, David C.

19th Judicial Circuit 

  • Dickerson, Kyung N. “Kathryn” (2nd Term)
  • Hart, Carly J. (2nd Term)
  • Mullins, Alison R.
  • Porto, Juli M.
  • Powers, Debra L. (2nd Term)
  • Sethi, Gobind S. (2nd Term) 

23rd Judicial Circuit

  • Frankl, Daniel P. (2nd Term)

28th Judicial Circuit

  • Russell II, Bruce H. (2nd Term)

30th Judicial Circuit

  • Baker, Donna Sue (2nd Term)

The new at-large members are:

Craig E. Ellis
Joanna L. Suyes
Nicole E. Upshur

2024–25 Officers                                       

President Michael M. York

President-Elect K. Brett Marston

Immediate Past President Chidi I. James