Professionalism Committee

The Standing Committee on Professionalism is charged with responsibility for the administration and oversight of the mandatory course on professionalism, which is required of all newly admitted active members of the Virginia State Bar. The purpose of the course is to encourage attorneys to uphold and elevate the standards of honor, integrity, and courtesy in the legal profession. The committee designs and updates the curriculum of the course and selects and trains the faculty of more than eighty distinguished Virginia lawyers and judges.

The fifteen committee members are appointed by the VSB President-elect after volunteers are solicited in the fall in Virginia Lawyer magazine, in emails, and online; applications are due in February. Applicants send a brief résumé and fill out a committee preference form.  

Upcoming meetings may be found on the Calendar, and are subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. Agendas and call in numbers will be provided on the meeting entry on the Calendar.

Full NamePositionAddress of RecordTerm StartTerm End
Hon. David Wayne LannettiChairNorfolk Circuit Court 150 St. Paul's Blvd 7th Fl Norfolk, VA 23510-2773 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2026COMMITTEE/PRO:62452:3850522LANNETTI, DAVID
Timothy Ryan BaskervilleBar CouncilThe Law Office Of Timothy R. Baskerville 1911 Lakeview Ave Apt C Richmond, VA 23220-5951 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2026COMMITTEE/PRO:67422:3850555BASKERVILLE, TIMOTHY
Renu Mago BrennanEx-OfficioVirginia State Bar 1111 E Main St Ste 700 Richmond, VA 23219-0026 UNITED STATES  COMMITTEE/PRO:62708:32394BRENNAN, RENU
Mark Dennis DixBar CouncilDix Law Firm, PLLC 919 E Main St Ste 625 Richmond, VA 23219 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2026COMMITTEE/PRO:60934:3850527DIX, MARK
David Dudley Armistead, IIIMemberCarluzzo Rochkind & Smith, P.C. 9300 W Courthouse Rd Ste 203 Manassas, VA 20110-2637 UNITED STATES7/1/20216/30/2024COMMITTEE/PRO:87365:37723ARMISTEAD, DAVID
Elizabeth Mead BookwalterMemberPatterson Bookwalter PLLC 3251 Blenheim Blvd Ste 512 Fairfax, VA 22030-1504 UNITED STATES7/1/20216/30/2024COMMITTEE/PRO:89850:37868BOOKWALTER, ELIZABETH
Constance Smith BourneMemberConstance S. Bourne, Esq., PLLC PO Box 800 Gainesville, VA 20156 UNITED STATES7/1/20216/30/2024COMMITTEE/PRO:59188:30615BOURNE, CONSTANCE
Ann Burke BroganMember625 Mayflower Road Norfolk, VA 23508 UNITED STATES7/1/20226/30/2025COMMITTEE/PRO:45240:3456196BROGAN, ANN
Jennifer Lynn EatonMemberWoods Rogers Vandeventer Black PLC Suite 500 101 W. Main Street Norfolk, VA 23510-1758 UNITED STATES7/19/20226/30/2025COMMITTEE/PRO:88929:3456575EATON, JENNIFER
Chidinma Uzochi HarleyMemberPervaiz & Harley PLLC 10505 Judicial Dr Ste 301 Fairfax, VA 22030 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2026COMMITTEE/PRO:88458:3850752HARLEY, CHIDINMA
Scott David HelselMemberWalton & Adams, P.C. 1925 Isaac Newton Square Ste 250 Reston, VA 20190 UNITED STATES7/12/20216/30/2024COMMITTEE/PRO:57141:29644HELSEL, SCOTT
Jonathan Robert HyslopMemberFurniss, Davis, Rashkind and Saunders, P 6160 Kempsville Circle Ste 341B Norfolk, VA 23502 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2026COMMITTEE/PRO:80196:3850438HYSLOP, JONATHAN
Zachary Alan KittsMemberK&G Law Group, PLLC 3554 Chain Bridge Rd Ste 100 Fairfax, VA 22030 UNITED STATES7/1/20226/30/2025COMMITTEE/PRO:65078:3797946KITTS, ZACHARY
Kenneth Brett MarstonMemberGentry, Locke, Rakes & Moore 10 Franklin Road, SE P.O. Box 40013 Roanoke, VA 24022-0013 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2024COMMITTEE/PRO:54614:3850434MARSTON, KENNETH
Jonathan Dale PuvakMemberGentry Locke Rakes & Moore LLP P.O. Box 40013 Roanoke, VA 24022-0013 UNITED STATES7/1/20216/30/2024COMMITTEE/PRO:84047:37430PUVAK, JONATHAN
Maureen D. StengelLiaisonVirginia Bar 1111 E Main St Ste 700 Richmond, VA 23219-0026 UNITED STATES  COMMITTEE/PRO:53895:3797955STENGEL, MAUREEN
Kim W. KarnesCommittee AdministratorVirginia State Bar 1111 E Main St Ste 700 Richmond, VA 23219 UNITED STATES  COMMITTEE/PRO:95682:3797956KARNES, KIM