With the help of its sections and conferences, the VSB has compiled resources on a number of legal topics. All publications are reproduced on the webpages below. Most pages include a pdf of the same information in brochure or leaflet format. Most are also available to order from the VSB as printed brochures via the Publications Order Form (pdf). Download form first to save inputs. Publications listed are produced in conjunction with the various committees, conferences, and sections of the VSB with the Communications Department.

For Lawyers by Lawyers

VSB Chairs Handbook

The Virginia State Bar Committee, Board, Conference, and Section Chairs Handbook.

Checklist for Opening Your First Law Office

A brief starter guide to some of the basic recommendations to help lawyers open their first law office in Virginia.

Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings Regarding Incapacitated Adults

Guardians and conservators are appointed by the court for adults whom the court finds lack the physical and/or mental capacity to care for themselves or their property. This guide is distributed through circuit court clerks to educate  a court-appointed guardian or conservator. This link points to the Court's website.

Lawyers and Other People's Money: A Resource for Maintaining Trust Accounts

This monograph will focus on a lawyer’s responsibility for other people’s money in the three areas described above: holding funds and other property entrusted to the lawyer, business relations with clients, and fees. It is intended to be a practical guide for the Virginia lawyer who must deal with these subjects.

Legal Ethics Opinions

The Standing Committee on Legal Ethics was established to issue advisory opinions interpreting and applying the Rules of Professional Conduct. Published opinions are incorporated into an optional volume of the Code of Virginia.

Planning Ahead: Protecting Your Client's Interests in the Event of Your Disability or Death

A lawyer should plan for client protection in the event of the lawyer's death, disability, impairment, or incapacity. This information is designed to assist in fulfilling these ethical responsibilities.

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Topical Resources for All

Bankruptcy Process

The Bankruptcy Law Section has prepared this information as a public service to answer basic questions about the bankruptcy process. Also available in Spanish: El processo de bancarrota en español (pdf). 

Before You Buy: HOA Legal Issues

This information from the Real Property Section Common Interest Community Committee is offered as a public service to answer certain basic questions about resale disclosure in Virginia common interest community associations and provide general guidance about important portions of a resale disclosure document that should be given careful attention. 

Children and Divorce

The Family Law Section has prepared this information as a public service to answer basic questions about helping children cope with separation and divorce with a minimum of hurt.

Divorce in Virginia

The Family Law Section prepared this information to provide the public with basic answers to some of the fundamental legal questions concerning divorce and separation in Virginia.

Free and Low Cost Legal Resources Pamphlet

A guide for helping low- and modest-income Virginians obtain legal services. Also available online in Spanish: Acceso a la Justicia (PDF).

Health Care Decision Making

Healthcare Decisions Day is designed to raise public awareness of the need to plan ahead for healthcare decisions related to end of life care and medical decision-making whenever patients are unable to speak for themselves and to encourage the specific use of Advance Directives to communicate these important healthcare decisions. (online only)

Immigration Fraud

The Bar's former Standing Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law worked to provide immigrants throughout Virginia with the information necessary for selecting an authorized immigration representative and/or lawyer, thereby decreasing the number of immigrants who fall victim to this type of unauthorized practice of law. 

Senior Virginians Handbook

Provided by the Senior Lawyers Conference, this extensive resource for seniors, their families, and their caregivers to provide overviews and contact information for the many issues, opportunities, and choices facing senior Virginians today. Manual para Adultos Mayores de Virginia, the Spanish version of the Senior Virginians Handbook, is also available.

So You're 18

Reviewed annually by the Conference of Local and Specialty Bar Associations and provided online free to all, SY18 is dedicated to the job of informing all citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and in particular, the young citizens, how to find and where to look for help in solving their problems. The So You’re 18 information is also in pdf form

Spare the Child

Spare the Child is a presentation by the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar with a generous grant from The Virginia Law Foundation. Spare the Child is available on DVD and online. 

A Title Insurance Guide for the Homebuyer

An owner’s title insurance policy could save you money and time if a title defect is discovered after you purchase your home. Read more about this type of policy in A Title Insurance Guide for the Homebuyer.

Wills in Virginia

The Trusts and Estates section has prepared this information as a public service to fill the need for basic answers to fundamental questions about wills under the laws of Virginia.

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