Midyear Legal Seminar

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Midyear Legal Seminar

Preliminary CLE Program

42nd Midyear Legal Seminar

November 8-15, 2015


Preliminary CLE Program


Comparative Law Symposium

2 MCLE Credits (pending)


Litigation Section

3 MCLE Credits, including 1 Ethics (pending)

A Lawyer’s Guide  to Getting Along with Clients and Lawyers Who Don’t Want to Get Along


The program will focus on dealing with difficult attorneys and clients, and will be structured around caricatures of client and attorney personalities that all practicing lawyers have encountered and will provide strategies for navigating those difficult relationships to bring cases to an appropriate conclusion.  The program also will explore ethical obligations to attorneys, clients and the courts in the face of these complicated and sometimes frustrating relationships. 


Family Law Section

2 MCLE Credits

The Ripple Effect: Same Sex Marriage and the Impact on Virginia Law


The issue of same sex marriage has been dominating the news cycle in recent years.  After the Bostic decision the ban on same sex marriage in the Commonwealth of Virginia was overturned thereby generating many unanswered legal questions.  This program will address the impact and implications of Bostic in several different areas of law in Virginia.  Specifically, the program will address the challenges surrounding divorcing couples married in other states and residing in Virginia, including jurisdictional issues and procedural challenges involved with same sex divorce.  The program also will address common law concepts that are altered by the adoption of same sex marriage including separate maintenance.  Further, the impact of Bostic on property issues such as joint tenancy by the entirety, intestacy, as well as common law marriages coming from out of state and residing in Virginia will be addressed.  Other legal issues including the application of FMLA and adoption for same sex couples, along with the specific challenges involved, will be covered, as well. 


Total Credits:  7.0, including 1 Ethics (pending)

Updated: March 27, 2015