Midyear Legal Seminar

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Midyear Legal Seminar

CLE Program

NOVEMBER 4-11, 2014



1 MCLE Credit (pending)

The symposium will provide a broad overview of the Spanish legal system, focusing on the similarities and differences between our two legal systems. A panel of judges and lawyers will cover such topics as issues facing the judicial system and the administration of justice, and political issues affecting the courts. In addition, lawyers on the panel will address substantive topics including criminal law, family law, general civil law, commercial law and bankruptcy.



3 MCLE Credits

The Litigator’s Guide to Auto, Homeowners and Liability Insurance: What Your Insurance Salesman Doesn’t Tell Your Clients.


Litigators know about insurance as a result of their cases. Policy language and coverages are familiar as they are the usual source of interpretation and payment in cases that deal with personal or professional liability. Thus, the litigation section brings you a CLE to teach lawyers about the various types of insurance coverage so that they may be prepared with basic information when questioned by their clients. All of our clients have insurance, but many of those clients don’t know how much or why they have the coverage they have.  This seminar is designed to help you answer the client’s questions, such as:


  • “How much automobile insurance is enough to cover me and my family?”
  • “What if we get hit by an uninsured motorist?” 
  • “How does my health insurance dove-tail with any medical expense coverage on an auto or homeowner’s policy for medical bills after an accident?” 
  • “What happens if my dog bites my neighbor?”
  • “What exactly does tail coverage mean on my professional liability insurance policy?”
  • “What is the difference between a deductible and defense cost coverage on my liability insurance policy?” 


Insurance is confusing and complicated. The goal is to teach lawyers what insurance means from a litigator’s point of view. The goal is NOT to sell insurance, as none of the speakers are insurance salesman. The speakers do litigate coverage, professional liability, and injury cases on a regular basis, obtaining a unique perspective on insurance coverage.



Barbara S. Williams, WilliamsFord
Nathan Veldhuis, Rohrstaff Law Firm



3 MCLE Credits

Serious Estate Planning for the General Practitioner
(Now that Congress Made it Possible)

This program will provide a course of topics with broad appeal to those practitioners who have always referred clients who required tax-wise estate planning to others who specialize in the field.  Now that Congress has increased the estate tax exemption to over $5 million, there are many potential clients whose documents contain estate tax exemption planning just waiting to be amended.  The course is designed to provide some exit strategies and drafting tips for counsel with experience in intermediate and advanced estate planning.  For variety, of course, the program will include warnings and strategies for planning in the second and later marriage context, as well as an hour of ethics on the professional obligations encountered with the client under impairment.  It is expected that topics will include:

  • How to Simplify Tax-wise Estate Plans for Clients under $5.34 Million
  • Estate Planning for Spouses: The Perils of Portability
  • Estate Planning for Blended Families: Setting NextGen Expectations
  • Ethical Obligations to the Client Under Impairment



Hot Topics in Legal Ethics

1 MCLE Credit; including 1.0 Ethics (pending)

Our speakers will discuss current developments in legal ethics in Virginia combined with stories of lawyers across the country who found themselves in disciplinary trouble and made the news.  They will discuss ethical issues involving technology, discovery, social media and marketing. They also will cover the most recent Virginia LEOs and cases involving ethics. 


Ethical Implications of NSA Surveillance for Lawyers

1 MCLE Credit; including 1.0 Ethics (pending)

We have been inundated by stories about NSA surveillance, which has obviously gone well beyond surveillance of foreign targets. The tentacles of the NSA stretch into all of our electronic communications, sometimes with the cooperation of American companies - including cloud providers. Reforms proffered by the President are limited. Is the confidential client data held by law firms safe from the NSA's relentless pursuit of information? Can it be made safe? Is there a chilling effect on taking cases in which the U.S. government may think it has an interest? Our panel will take you through the revelations about NSA to-date and outline the steps law firms can (and ethically must) take to protect their client data from prying eyes of all kinds - abroad and at home.



TOTAL CREDITS:  9 Hours, including 2 Ethics (pending)





Updated: September 3, 2014