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September 21, 2007

Board Minutes - January 5, 2007

Minutes of the 5 January 2007 Meeting
Military Law Section
Virginia State Bar

The meeting commenced at 10:08 a.m.  Present were Marcus Brinks, Chairperson, Richard Prevost, Andrea Brotherton, Neal Puckett, Edward Davis, Charles Allen, Diana Branscome, Karen Gould VA Bar President, Scott Prince, Jack Gately and Dolly Shaffner.  

1.    Old Business.

a.    The 13 October 2006 minutes having been previously submitted were approved as corrected.  

b.    The Section has set a target date of Late March to get desktop to the publisher.  Ned Davis is submitting and editing a paper for consideration.  Ned has emailed Mr. Gill Beck, who was stationed in Iraq as a Staff judge Advocate, for possible contribution of an article.  Marcus will provide a Chair’s column.  We will not have an electronic publication this time but will use a hard copy.  We should have a flyer for the May 2007 CLE.

c.    Personal property tax issue might be a good topic for an article.  We will ask Steve Chucala if he is interested in contributing.

d.    Current Membership.  Dolly Shaffner has provided a copy of current membership.  We are at 190 members. Dolly is making an adjustment to the flyer to broadly indicate what the Section is about.  Richard will help draft a short description.

e.    Regarding the property tax matter.  Ned reports that George Chabalewski has communicated with him and opined that the State Bar can ask for an Attorney General opinion.  George will look further into the issue.  Charley Allen asked whether he could approach the legislature as a private citizen.  Ned noted that Section XI, Policy Governing Legislative Activities does restrict certain legislative activities but does not prevent a private citizen from taking this action.

f.    Regarding CLE.   Neil Puckett states that Friday the fourth of May is available at Langley AFB in a conference room.  Neil will continue to work with the Langley AF JAG Office for coordination and with Dolly to facilitate the CLE credit.  Neil will also contact Mr. Gittens for organizing the events and instruction.  Charley said the key thing is getting the mailing out in advance.

g.    Membership flyer is provided by Dolly for consideration.  If there is a free membership it would be provided via a sticker thus not having to modify the form.  Diana suggested an email line on the form.  The fee waiver is a pilot for this year and will be reviewed at the Fall meeting for possible continuation next year.

h.    Marcus noted that the CLE meeting will be May 4th at Langley.  Our annual meeting is with VSB on 15 June and the luncheon will be at 1 p.m. at the Capri with meeting to follow.  Dolly will make logistical arrangements at the hotel.  

2.    New Business.

a.    Proposed budget is due 16 February.  Based upon last years costs Dolly produced a draft.  The Board considered the draft.  After discussion the draft was accepted as the proposed budget.  

b.    The next scheduled meeting will be May 4th 2007 at Langley AFB.

3.  Meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m.

Richard J. Prevost

Marcus Brinks