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Corporate Counsel

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Minutes Sept 05 BOG


VSB Corporate Counsel Section
Board of Governors


September 14 , 2005


Present in Richmond Participating by Telephone
Jennifer McClellan, Chair Eileen Johnson, Immediate Past Chair
Edward Beck, Vice Chair Edythe Katz
Doug Callaway, Secretary J. Philip Hart
Dolly Shaffner, VSB Liaison Scott Snyder
Catherine Whitehead, VSB Liaison David Rosenfeld
Cham Light Christina Floyd
Gunet Beshah Britt Murray
  Randall Noe


The Chair called the meeting of the Board of Governors (the “Board”) to order. The meeting was held in Richmond, Virginia at the Virginia State Bar (“VSB”) offices.


Approval of Minutes. The Board approved the minutes from the June 17 th, 2005 meeting.


Membership Report. Dolly reported that the Section has 1139 members.


Financial/Budget Report. Dolly distributed a written budget report showing a budget balance for the Section of $16,133.00.


Proposed Rule Changes - Jennifer reported on the amendment to Rule 1:A5 with regard to the proposed allowance of pro bono activities by corporate counsel under the supervision of a legal aid society. Discussion ensued indicating that the Board is generally in favor of the proposal, but comments were made that the scope of the rules should be more permissive to allow other pro bono activities than are presently allowable by the Rule.


The committee discussed the proposed adoption of the Pro Hac Vice rule by the Supreme Court of Virginia. The Board found the Rule objectionable on a number of grounds, but essentially the rule makes difficult the admittance of out of state counsel on a pro hac vice basis. Out of state counsel is limited to appearance on seven matters per annum, requires the payment of a $250.00 fee, and allows such admittance to be in the sole discretion of the court. Such measures would restrict the availability of counsel, including in-house counsel, from appearing in Virginia and would encourage such other jurisdictions to enact similar restrictive rules. The Board asked David Rosenfeld and Doug Callaway to draft a proposed letter opposing adoption of the Rules.


Corporate Counsel Seminars at Law Schools - The Board of Governors will endeavor to host career seminars at various law schools to discuss career opportunities as corporate counsel. Edward Beck will contact University of Virginia. David Rosenfeld will explore hosting a seminar at George Mason University. Chris Floyd and Randall Noe will likewise contact Regent and William and Mary. Gunet Beshah will contact the University of Richmond, Cham Light will contact Washington and Lee, Liberty, and the Appalachian School of Law.


Spring Luncheons - VSB Corporate Counsel luncheons will be held around the second week of May. Doug Callaway and Phil Hart will host the Richmond luncheon. Randy Noe will host the Tidewater luncheon. Britt Murray and Scott Sydnor will host the Northern Virginia luncheon. Cham Light will host the Southwest luncheon.


CLE Committee - Eileen Johnson will serve on the CLE Committee.


Section Newsletter — David Ross Rosenfeld will remain as Newsletter Editor.


Web Regional Email List – Chris Floyd will be liaison for the web page/e-mail list.


New Business – The fall section chair meeting with the Virginia State Bar is September 27 th, 2005. Doug Callaway was named designee to attend. The next meeting shall be held December 7 th, 2005 at the Virginia State Bar office in Alexandria.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,

Douglas D. Callaway