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Corporate Counsel

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Minutes Sept 01 BOG


VSB Corporate Counsel Section
Board of Governors


September 21, 2001


Members Present Members Absent
Cathy Mayes Lorri Kleine
Darragh Davis Philip Hart
Gail M. Waddell Julie McClellan
  Kathleen Kronau
  Greg Summy


Members participating by phone


David Rosenfeld
Daniel Maller
Eileen Johnson
Edythe Katz
Scott Snyder

Also present: Dolly Shaffner, VSB liaison.


The chair called the meeting to order at the State Bar offices in Richmond.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES. The minutes from the March 8, 2001 were approved.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT. Dolly Shaffner reported that as of September 1, 2001, there are 888 members of the Corporate Counsel Section. This represents an increase from last year of 40 members.


FINANCIAL REPORT. Dolly Shaffner circulated a Revenue/Expenditure Report dated August 31, 2001, showing a balance remaining of $13,885.48.


VA SUPREME COURT GUIDELINES. Cathy and David reported on the status of the Task Force on Admission of Corporate Counsel. October 3 will be the next meeting where final wording will be drafted for the proposed rule changes affecting in house counsel in Virginia. The results of this meeting will be reported to the Executive Committee of the State Bar, which will report to the President of the State Bar. The Task Force will most likely recommend that in house attorneys (who are not otherwise eligible to be licensed) will be required to register with the State Bar and receive a Certification that will allow only in house practice. Without such registration, even in house practice will be prohibited because it will constitute the unauthorized practice of law. The rule does not address retroactivity issues, but should validate all corporate counsel acts, even prior acts. CLE will be required by this new rule.


GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL. Cathy and David reported on their meeting with Sid Moore, Assistant Dean to discuss ways to bring the law school and the section closer. An externship program was one topic of discussion. GMUSL students would get credit in a course-like program for working with the section. Mr. Moore was interested in this concept. We are waiting for feedback from Mr. Moore. Cathy and David also met with Victoria Huber of Alumni Services/Career Development to discuss ways the section and GMUSL can interact effectively.


SECTION WEBSITE/TECHNOLOGY ISSUES. Dolly and Phil attended Web site training. Caryn Persinger with the State Bar is willing and able to do section updates on our Web page. She can do this remotely.


SECTION NEWSLETTER. Cathy would like to use the writing competition winner as centerpiece for our next issue. David will do an article updating the issues discussed by the Task Force for the newsletter. Maureen Petrini, state bar liaison for pro bono activities has an article ready to go on pro bono initiatives. Cathy will do the message from the president. The next newsletter will be published in October. We will do two in the winter, one in January and one in March. We need articles for these issues.


LAW SCHOOL WRITING COMPETITION. We have three publishable articles from the competition.


NEW BUSINESS. Cathy asked for volunteers for the work to be done this year. Volunteers to date are as follows:


Eileen Johnson, Law School Writing Competition
Greg Summy, Newsletter Editor
Philip Hart, Web site Manager
Darrah Davis, CLE Coordinator
___________ Pro Bono Liason
Scott Snyder, Spring Luncheons Coordinator
Gail Waddell, Implementation of Corporate
Edythe Katz, Counsel Rule


NEXT MEETINGS. The next meetings of the board will be December 13, 2001 and March 14, 2002 at one o’clock at the bar offices in Richmond.


Respectfully Submitted,
Gail M. Waddell
(standing in for
Secretary Philip Hart)