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Corporate Counsel

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Minutes March 05 BOG


VSB Corporate Counsel Section
Board of Governors

March 10 , 2005

1. Welcome: the Meeting was called to order by Eileen Johnson at 1:00pm. Present at the VSB offices were: Ed Beck, Philip Hart, Doug Callaway, Chris Floyd, David Rosenfeld and Randy Noe. Attending by phone were: Eileen Johnson, Jennifer McClellan and Scott Snyder.


2. Minutes: The Minutes of the December, 2004 meeting were approved unanimously as amended.


3. Membership Report: Dolly Shaffner reported that the Section continues to gain members and that our roster is up to 1051.


4. Financial Report: There remains $10,697.54 in the annual budget. We have slightly more money than usual because of the discontinuance of the Writing Competition. We expect to spend some small amount of funds for the upcoming Law School Seminars. It also appears that each edition of the Section Newsletter is costing about $800.


5. Corporate Counsel Admission Rule: Ed Beck updated the Board on the new amendments to the Corporate Counsel Rule which were recently approved by the Supreme Court of Virginia. Non-US Attorneys who work for a Corporation in Virginia and who are admitted in a foreign jurisdiction will now be allowed to register with the State Bar. The amendments became effective on March 4, 2005. This represents a significant victory for the Corporate Bar of the Commonwealth.


6. Foreign Legal Consultant Rule: Ed Beck reported that the VSB Bar Council had approved the new Foreign Legal Consultant Rule at its last meeting. Presumably, the proposed Rule will now be forwarded to the Supreme Court for its approval.


7. Corporate Counsel Seminars at Virginia Law Schools: The Seminar at Regents Law School will take place on March 29, 2005, and will run from noon to 2:00pm. Chris Floyd will head the panel that will also include Randy Noe and several other Corporate Lawyers. The Seminar at George Mason Law School will be presented on April 12, 2005, and will be chaired by David Rosenfeld. Plans for a Seminar at Richmond Law School are in the works.


8. Spring Luncheons: The Luncheons in Richmond , Norfolk and Tysons Corner are all scheduled for Thursday, May 19, 2005. The Chairpersons for these events are, respectively, Doug Callaway, Randy Noe and Scott Snyder. Fliers should be mailed to the membership in the next few weeks.


9. Nominating Committee: Eileen Johnson appointed Greg Summey as the Chairman of the Committee. Other members will be added in due course.


10. Annual Meeting: The Meeting will be before the CLE program. It was agreed that this change will allow for more members to participate in the meeting. The annual Board dinner will take place the evening before the annual Section meeting. Dolly Shaffner will check on various restaurants and their availability.


11. Newsletter: David Rosenfeld indicated that the Newsletter is progressing well. He plans on adding an "Ethics" column in the next edition. He also indicated that he would be trying to link the Newsletter with the Section Website. The next edition should be out before the Annual Meeting.


12. VA CLE Requirement: The Section was approached by Virginia CLE about a Corporate Counsel program they will be presenting in August. Any one who has ideas for subjects that might be included should contact Eileen Johnson.


13. New Business: David Rosenfeld was put forward by the Board as a nominee for the VSB Award for excellence in Legal Education. There was some discussion about opening our webpage to law firms who wish to make "public service" type announcements.


14. Motion to Adjourn. A motion to adjourn was passed unanimously.




Edward Henry Beck