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Corporate Counsel

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Minutes June 04


VSB Corporate Counsel Section



June 18, 2004


Philip Hart, Chair of the Board of Governors of the Corporate Counsel Section, called the meeting of the section to order. The meeting was held in Virginia Beach at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Virginia State Bar.


Year in Review. Mr. Hart reviewed some of the accomplishments of the section in the past year:

  • The June 2003 issue of the Virginia Lawyer.
  • Resumption of regular delivery of an enhanced newsletter.
  • Updating of the website.
  • Sponsorship of two CLE programs in Northern Virginia.
  • Annual regional lunches.
  • Law school writing competition.
  • A special project, the section members served as sponsors for the admission of new members to the Virginia State Bar due to the adoption of the corporate counsel practice rule.


Nominating Committee Report. Cathy Mayes, immediate past chair and chair of the Nominating Committee, delivered the Nominating Committee's report. The Nominating Committee nominated M. Christine Floyd, Britton N. Murray and Randal S. Noe as new members. Ms. Floyd and Mr. Noe were nominated to fill the positions of two members whose terms are expiring. Mr. Murray was nominated to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Darragh Davis. The nominating committee further nominated Edythe Katz and Scott Snyder to serve a second term on the Board. Mr. Hart thanked Ms. Mayes for delivering the report.


Election of New Members of the Board of Governors. Mr. Hart asked for any other nominations for board member positions. There were no additional nominations. Upon motion made and seconded, the nominations were closed. Upon further motion made and seconded, the section elected M. Christine Floyd, Britton N. Murray and Randal S. Noe to serve on the board and Ms. Katz and Mr. Snyder to a second term on the Board.


New Business. Cathy Mayes reminded the section that the task force report last year authorized pro bono work for registered members of the VSB but that authorization for pro bono work was not included in the final rule, having been removed by the Virginia Supreme Court. Ms. Mayes offered the services of herself and Andrea Bridgeman (another past chair of the section and currently a member of the Bar Council) to draft a letter to the Chief Justice requesting that the sentence authorizing pro bono work be reinstated in the rule. Ms. Mayes's motion that the section send a letter to Chief Justice Hassell was seconded and adopted.

Ms. Mayes announced that she had recently been asked to serve on a VSB task force on the multijurisdictional practice of law. She invited the board to work with her to analyze this issue from the perspective of corporate counsel.


Recognition of Outgoing Chair. Eileen Johnson, incoming Chair of the Board of Governors, thanked Philip Hart, outgoing chair, for his service and gave him a small gift in recognition of the section's appreciation.


Respectfully submitted,

Eileen Johnson
Vice Chair