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Corporate Counsel

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Minutes Dec 05 BOG


VSB Corporate Counsel Section
Board of Governors


December 7 , 2005
Alexandira, Virginia


Present in Alexandira Participating by Telephone Absent
Eileen Johnson, Immediate Past Chair Jennifer McClellan, Chair Cham Light
Edward Beck, Vice Chair J. Philip Hart Gunet Beshah
Douglas Callaway, Secretary Scott Snyder

Edith Katz

David Rosenfeld Catherine Whitehead, VSB Liaison

  Christina Floyd


  Britt Murray

  Randall S. Noe


The Chair called the meeting of the Board of Governors (the “Board”) to order. The meeting was held in Alexandria , Virginia at the Virginia State Bar (“VSB”) offices.


Approval of Minutes. The Board approved the minutes from the September 14th, 2005 meeting.


Membership Report. Catherine reported that the Section has 1057 members with 55 new members joining.


Financial/Budget Report. Catherine distributed a written budget report showing a budget balance for the Section of $15,888.08.


Corporate Counsel Seminars at Law Schools. David Rosenfeld hosted a seminar at George Mason University along with Eileen Johnson, Ed Beck, Scott Snyder, and Cathy Moyer. David reports a successful turn out with approximately 50 students attending. Chris Floyd is planning a March date with Regent. Ed Beck is planning a seminar at the University of Virginia . Randy Noe is planning a seminar at William and Mary around March 1 st.


Spring Luncheons. VSB Corporate Counsel luncheons will be held around the second week of May. Doug Callaway and Phil Hart will host the Richmond luncheon. Randy Noe will host the Tidewater luncheon. Britt Murray and Scott Snyder will host the Northern Virginia luncheon. Cham Light will host the Southwest luncheon.

CLE Committee. Eileen Johnson reported that the Corporate Counsel Section will co-sponsor with the Intellectual Property Section a CLE at the annual meeting. Topics being considered are 1) intellectual property asset management and valuation; 2) Representing multiple clients before administrative agencies. Multiple proposals are to be submitted by January 16 jointly with the Antitrust and Business Law section.


Section Newsletter. David Rosenfeld reported the next newsletter deadline is January 15 th. Ed Beck will author an article on the U.C.C.


Web Regional Email List. Chris Floyd will update the website for minutes and spring luncheon announcements.


New Business. Jennifer reported that The Washington Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Association (WMACCA) has asked for our cooperation in creating a law student internship clearinghouse which would place the law student in corporations such as Rolls Royce , US Air, and the like. The internship would require scholarship funding and our section would be asked to contribute. William and Mary has shown an interest in the program. Jennifer advised that such a contribution, should we elect to participate, would give the section recognition and we would have input as to which student would be awarded our funds.


After discussion of the proposal, David Rosenfeld moved that our membership be made aware of the proposal and an article be submitted to them addressing the merits of the clearinghouse such that feedback would be returned to the Board of Governors before such time and energy be devoted to the clearinghouse proposal. The motion was seconded by Ed Beck. David was going to talk to Catherine Whitehead about an estimate of costs for a mailing to the membership.


The next meeting shall be March 8 th in Richmond.


Old Business. The section has submitted comments on the proposed rule changes and has received no official response.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,

Douglas D. Callaway