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Virginia Lawyer magazine

Virginia Lawyer magazine, which contains the previously separate publication Virginia Lawyer Register, is the official publication of the Virginia State Bar and is distributed to lawyers, judges, general subscribers, law libraries, other state bar associations and the media.
Advertising Information

Annual Reports of the Virginia State Bar

From fiscal year 1997-98 to the present. 

Virginia State Bar Videos

Including the Spare the Child video.


Virginia State Bar Programs and Resources

Topical Resources

With the help of its sections and conferences, the VSB has compiled resources on a number of legal topics. Most pages include a pdf of the same information in brochure or leaflet format. Most are also available to order from the VSB as printed brochures via the Publications Order Form (pdf).

Old and Young

  • Senior Citizen's Handbook is a resource for seniors, their families, and their caregivers to provide an overview of and contact information for opportunities and choices facing senior citizens today.

  • The So You're 18 website is dedicated to the job of informing all citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and in particular, the young citizens, how to find and where to look for help in solving their problems. The So You’re 18 information is also in pdf form. More information about So You're 18 here.

Resources for Lawyers

Other Resources

Updated: Nov 16, 2018