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As of April 14, the VSB address is 1111 East Main Street, Suite 700, Richmond, VA 23219-3565. Staff email addresses and phone numbers remain the same.  directions

The VSB Publications & Public Information Office oversees the production of publications for bar members, including the Virginia Lawyer and Virginia Lawyer Register magazines. Both published five times a year, these magazines are distributed to all members of the Virginia State Bar, judges, law libraries, other state bar associations, the media and general subscribers. The Virginia Lawyer contains substantive articles on law as well as regular features, including a report from the president, advertising, and professional notices. Many feature stories come from the state bar’s sections, who provide articles on a dedicated issue. The Virginia Lawyer alternates publication with the Virginia Lawyer Register, which contains matters of regulatory interest, including summaries of disciplinary system actions, rule changes and state bar council actions.

The department coordinates production of more than 20 brochures and booklets on law related issues. These publications are for use by attorneys and the general public, and cover such topics as domestic relations, how attorneys charge, senior citizens rights, intellectual property, advice on home purchases and information about the Virginia Lawyer Referral Service. The department manages and promotes the Law in Society Scholarship competition for high school students. The VSB website is also maintained by the department, which has added such features as current disciplinary actions and real-time access to MCLE and membership data. This was accomplished at no cost to the bar with the assistance of the Virginia Information Providers Network.

A Communications Committee, made up of volunteer attorneys, works with the department to manage ongoing projects and develop new ones. The committee instituted a public education campaign to promote the positive things done by lawyers for the public and individual clients. The campaign was developed at no cost to the VSB by the Virginia Commonwealth University Adcenter and has received widespread acclaim from other state bars and the advertising community. The ads are available to local bar associations for their use and placement in local media.

Updated: Apr 23, 2014