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October 29, 2008

Volunteers Sought to Help Support Rule of Law in Afghanistan

The newly formed Afghan Bar Association (AFBA) is seeking Virginia attorneys who would be interested in providing insight and advice to the independent legal organization.

In June, more than five hundred attorneys participated in the AFBA’s inaugural convention. During the convention, bylaws were passed and an executive committee was elected. The organization, which has been charged with licensing, training, and introducing a code of ethics and conduct for attorneys in Afghanistan, has adopted a constitution. Its executive committee also plans to introduce a bar exam requirement.

The AFBA is being assisted by the International Bar Association, which has provided a representative to assist the organization for the next six months as well as financing to establish an AFBA office in Kabul.

According to an appeal to the Virginia State Bar from the association’s executive committee, it needs additional help as it continues to organize and develop the organization, which is striving to advance the rule of law in Afghanistan.

Virginia attorneys, particularly those with an Afghan background or who speak Dari or Pashtu, who would be interested in establishing a dialogue with members of the AFBA’s executive committee should contact Major Michael G. McGovern, rule of law coordinator, at

Updated: Oct 29, 2008