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October 17, 2007

Virginia Board of Bar Examiners Posts Results from July 2007 Bar Examination

As a service to Virginia Bar applicants, the Board of Bar Examiners posts the results from the most recent Bar Examination. The results will be available online for thirty days after the date of their release by the Board. 

The fact that a person is listed as having passed the bar examination does not necessarily mean that such person is being licensed to practice law. A license to practice law in Virginia will be issued only to those persons who, in addition to passing the bar examination, have satisfied all other requirements for admission to the Virginia Bar.

Official results from the July 2007 examination were mailed on October 17, 2007, to each examinee's current mailing address as filed with the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners. You will not be able to obtain pass/fail information or actual scores from either the Board of Bar Examiners or the Virginia State Bar. Please do not telephone either agency to request such information.

See the reults at 

Updated: Oct 17, 2007