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May 21, 2008

Results of 2008 Council Elections

5/21/08; updated 5/28/08*


Jon D. Huddleston was unopposed and will be formally elected as the Virginia State Bar's next President-elect during the June annual meeting in Virginia Beach.


Two new members were elected at meetings in the following circuits:

Robert E. Hawthorne of the 10th Judicial Circuit to succeed J. William Watson, Jr.

Grayson S. Johnson of the 15th Judicial Circuit to succeed William L. Lewis

Mail ballot elections were scheduled in six circuits this year. Re-elected without opposition in the following circuits were:

1st Circuit: David W. Bouchard

7th Circuit: Kenneth B. Murov

11th Circuit: Elizabeth M. Allen

19th Circuit: Joseph A. Condo

19th Circuit: Paul W. Hammack, Jr.

19th Circuit: Edward V. O’Connor, Jr.

20th Circuit: Gary M. Pearson

25th Circuit: Robert C. Hagan, Jr.

In addition, newly elected without opposition were:

9th Circuit (to succeed Edward L. Chambers): John Tarley, Jr.

19th Circuit (to succeed Sandra L. Havrilak, Sean P. Kelly, and Paul B. Terpak): Susan M. Butler, Daniel B. Krisky, and William L. Schmidt

21st Circuit (to succeed Benjamin R. Gardner): Philip G. Gardner


The results of the five contested mail ballot elections are as follows (winners denoted in bold):

2nd Circuit
(*two seats)
William Drinkwater
 Ann K. Crenshaw149
 Thomas M. Murphy
*One new seat was added in Circuit 2 based on active member population
4th Circuit
(one seat)
Ray W. King167
 I. Lionel Hancock, III 88
 Jennifer T. Stanton61
 Neil S. Lowenstein58
 Gregory D. Underwood34
13th Circuit
(one seat)
Guy C. Crowgey230
 “J” Martelino196
14th Circuit
(*one seat)
William J. Viverette164
 Roger A. Creager102
*One new seat was added in Circuit 14 based on active member population
18th Circuit
(one seat)
Kenneth E. Labowitz
 Carolyn M. Grimes
 Arthur E. Peabody, Jr.
26th Circuit
(one seat)
George W. Shanks115
 W. Andrew Harding82
 Thomas H. Sayre12

*A special election by mail ballot was conducted in Circuit 17 to fill the Council seat of Mark D. Seidelson, who resigned effective March 22, 2008. Adam D. Elfenbein was elected to fill the unexpired term, which will end June 30, 2009.

The results of the special election were as follows:

17th Circuit
(one seat)
Adam D. Elfenbein 120
  Timothy B. Beason 75
  Jason Rucker (write-in candidate) 23






Updated: May 28, 2008