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June 04, 2007

Results of 2007-08 Virginia State Bar Council Elections

Congratulations to the newly elected and re-elected members of the 2007-08 Virginia State Bar Council.

Manuel A. Capsalis was unopposed and will be formally elected as the VSB’s president elect during the Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach, June 14-17.


Steven B. Novey was re-elected in the 6th Judicial Circuit.


Four new members were elected at meetings in the following circuits:

  • William H. Riddick III will succeed Richard E. Railey Jr. in the 5th Judicial Circuit.
  • Mark B. Holland will succeed David A. Furrow in the 22nd Judicial Circuit.
  • Aubrey J. Rosser Jr. will succeed Gary M. Coates in the 24th Judicial Circuit.
  • C. Eugene Compton will succeed Thomas R. Scott in the 29th Judicial Circuit.

Mail ballot elections were held in four circuits this year. The following council members were re-elected without opposition:

  • Theopani K. Stamos in the 17th Judicial Circuit
  • John D. Whittington in the 31st Judicial Circuit

The following council members were newly elected without opposition:

  • George M. Willson will succeed Robert C. Barclay IV in the 3rd Judicial Circuit.
  • Ronald R. Tweel will succeed J. Page Williams in the 16th Judicial Circuit.
  • Mark D. Cummings will succeed Manuel A. Capsalis in the 17th Judicial Circuit.
  • Gregory T. Hunter will succeed Jennifer A. Brust in the 17th Judicial Circuit.
  • Peter C. Burnett will succeed Jon D. Huddleston in the 20th Judicial Circuit.
  • Christopher W. Stevens will succeed John P. Fishwick Jr. in the 23rd Judicial Circuit.
  • Michael J. Barbour will succeed Edwin C. Stone in the 27th Judicial Circuit.

The results of the five contested mail ballot elections were as follows:

  • 2nd Judicial Circuit – one seat
    Kevin E. Martingayle 210
    Patrick J. Connolly 154
  • 4th Judicial Circuit – one seat
    John Y. Richardson 263
    T. Wayne Williams 38

  • 13th Judicial Circuit – one seat
    Brian L. Buniva 354
    Curtis M. Hairston Jr. 328

  • 19th Judicial Circuit – three seats
    Edward L. Weiner 524
    Sharon D. Nelson 448
    Leslie W. Hoffman 394
    Michael M. York 241
    Alexander J. Gordon 239
    H. Darlene Lesser 223

Margaret A. Nelson was appointed by the Supreme Court of Virginia to the member-at-large vacancy, replacing Alda L. White

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