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May 19, 2008

Clients’ Protection Fund Board Petitions Paid

The Clients' Protection Fund Board has made payments to five petitioners whose claims were approved by the Board at its May 16, 2008 meeting. The matters involved five attorneys.

Attorney/Location Amount Paid Type of Case
Michael Jackson Beattie/Vienna $1,700.00 Unearned fee/employment matter
Walter Franklin Green, IV/Harrisonburg$14,500.00 Unearned fee/criminal matter
Samuel George Kooritzky/Vienna $4,000.00 Unearned fee/immigration matter
John Coury Macdonald/Fairfax $950.00 Unearned fee/estate planning matter
Troy A. Titus/ Virginia Beach $50,000.00 Embezzlement/trust funds
Total $71,150.00 


Updated: Jul 21, 2008