Chairs Handbook

Virginia State Bar
Committee, Section, and Conference Chairs Handbook

Unless otherwise noted, links below were updated as part of the 2017-18 handbook as of 9/18/17.


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Table of Contents

Complete Handbook (pdf)* updated 12/15/17
I. VSB Operation and Strategic Plan
A. Creation of Virginia State Bar
B. Mission Statement
C. Governance
D. Council Bylaws Establishing Sections (Article XI)
E.  VSB Bylaws Establishing Committees (Article V)
F. Impact Statement for New Programs/Projects
G. Calendar of Important Dates and Deadlines
H. VSB Strategic Plan (2016–2018)
I. JLARC Summary on VSB

II. VSB Organization and Staff Support updated 12/15/17
A. Organization Chart
B. Staff Directory
C. Section and Conference Staff Liaisons and VSB Contacts
D. Committee Staff Liaisons
E. Duties of Staff Liaisons

III. VSB Policies
A. Policy Concerning the Use and Disclosure of VSB E-mail Addresses
B. Policy Governing Legislative Activities
C. Policy Governing Regulatory Activities
D. Policy on Solicitation or Receipt of Funds and Grants and Request Form
E. Gender Neutral Language Policy
F. Policy Statement Regarding Participation by Women and Minorities in Bar Activities
G. Social Media Policy

IV. Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Virginia Public Records Act (PRA)
A. Virginia FOIA and PRA
B. A Guide to the Freedom of Information Act for Members of Boards, Councils, Commissions, and other Deliberative Public Bodies
C. E-mail: Use, Access & Retention

V. Budget and Finance
A. Overview of Financial Operation and Budget Process
B. Financial Policies
C. Volunteer Expense Reimbursement Policies and Procedures*
*Effective January 1, 2018, the IRS has increased the standard mileage rate to $0.545 per mile.
VI. Communications updated 12/15/17
A. Virginia Lawyer and Virginia Lawyer Register
B. Brochures
C. Videos
D. Annual Report

VII. Sections and Conferences
A. General Information
B. Historical List of Sections and Conferences
C. Section Membership Structure, Dues, and Billing
D. Budget Preparation and Expenditures E. Newsletters, Websites, and Electronic Communications
F. CLE Seminars and Educational Programs
G. MCLE Regulations and Compliance
H. Sample Bylaws
Updated: Jan 11, 2018