Meetings and Events

VSB Special Committee on the Future of Law Practice

Thu, January 11, 2018

VSB Offices, Richmond
10:00 am


  1. Vote on Policy on Participation Pursuant to VA Code § 2.2-3708.1, if applicable

II. “Study” Committee changed to “Special” Committee (Karen)

III. Approval of November 29, 2017 Minutes

IV. Welcome Kevin E. Martingayle

V. Speakers:

a. 10:30: Colin Rule - Fairness Engine for Online Dispute Resolution

b. 11:30: Robert Craig - CIO at Baker Hostetler, who announced the formation of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium at ILTACON


VI. Suggested Speakers for Upcoming Meetings

a. Tony Lai – CEO and Co-Founder of

b. Marc Lauritsen

c. Judy Selby on cyberinsurance

d. Others?


VII. Status of Articles for Virginia Lawyer

a. Kellam Parks’ Complete? Due Jan 8

b. Chris Fortier article for the April issue, due March 7

c. Graham Bryant article for the June issue, due May 10

  1.  Volunteers for Articles for the August (due July 5), October (due Aug. 7) and December (due Oct. 9) issues?


  1. Develop Principles

“The legal domain lacks a common framework for the practical and ethical application of AI. It needs one – immediately -- and one that accounts for the fact that tools that have the ability to learn mature rapidly. Vendors should be told what not to build based in part on lawyers' ethical concerns.” –Brian Kuhn

 IX. Committee Report

a. Discussion of elements

b. Draft due by March 18th?

c. Final due by May 7?

d. Interim telephone meetings of subcommittees


X. Recent Developments

a. Estonia, The Digital Republic

b. Bitcoin volatility

c. “Alexa, track my time”

d. Law Firm Sues LegalZoom for UPL

e. E-mail Opening Tracking Grows – and its Significance

f. FCC Repeals Net Neutrality Rules __ What Does it Mean for Law Firms?

g. Manipulated Data __ the Worst Kind of Hack

h. The UBER Breach

i. Evidence in Auto Black Box Results in Five Murder Charges

j. BYOD – Time to Fall Out of Love With It


XI. Adjournment





Updated: Jan 08, 2018