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VSB Lawyer Malpractice Insurance Committee Meeting

Thu, September 04, 2014

VSB Offices, Richmond
12:30 p.m.

A. Introductions of New LMIC Members - David D. Hudgins, Chair, LMIC

B. Approval of 5/6/2014 Minutes - David D. Hudgins, Chair, LMIC (Attachment: 5/6/2014 Minutes)

C. Lawyers Helping Lawyers Survey Findings – Jim Leffler, Director (Attachment: Report for the 2014 Lawyers Helping Lawyers Survey on Substance Abuse and Mental Health)

D. ALPS report – Chris Newbold, Executive Vice President, ALPS

a. Overall ALPS Update

b. Virginia update (Attachment: VA Comparison Data)

c. Report on Admitted Carrier Status (Attachment: LPL-END-VA-SAE (07-14) (Revised 8-6-14))

d. ALPS Bond Program (Attachment: Kathryn Dickerson Inquiry; 06-24-14 Memo Re VSB LMIC Ethical Question)

E. Risk Management Report

a. Q2 Activity Review (Attachment: Virginia Risk Management Report)

b. 2014 Fall ALPS / VSB Ethics & Professionalism Tour Update

c. Risk Management Budget Update (Attachment: RM budget) / Lawyer Assistance Program Benefit

d. ALPS Attorney Match (Attachment: Attorney Match Correspondence)

F. State of Uninsured Virginia Lawyers in Private Practice

G. Long-Range Plan Update

H. Timeline of Upcoming Budget Process / Surplus Funds Review

I. LMIC Quarterly Education Topic: Understanding the Comparison Data Report

J. Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 18th

K. Adjourn


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Akerman LLP
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Dennis J. Quinn
Carr Maloney PC
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Tysons, VA  22182

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