Meetings and Events

VSB Committee on Lawyer Discipline

Wed, March 04, 2015

VSB Offices, Richmond
11:00 a.m.


I.          Call to Order

II.        Approval of Minutes of the COLD meeting of February 11, 2014

III.       Chair’s Report

IV.       State of the Disciplinary System

           A.       Bar Counsel Report

           B.        Status of Cases Awaiting Certification to Disciplinary Board

           C.        Disciplinary Board Report

           D.        Liaisons' Reports


V.        Oversight Subcommittee Report

VI.       Old Business

           A.        35th Annual Disciplinary Conference – July 9-10, 2015

           B.        3-I cases assigned to a special prosecutor


VII.      New Business

            A.        Actions by Council

                        1.         Para. 13-12.H; 13-30.M:  tabled for further review by COLD

                        2.         Para. 13-4.C: withdrawn after discussion at Executive Committee

                        3.         Para. 13-4.E: approved

                        4.         Para. 13-24: tabled for further review by COLD

                        5.         Para. 13-25: tabled for further review by COLD

                        6.         Para. 13.4: approved


VIII.    Announcement of Next Meeting (April 1, 2015) and Adjournment


Remote participants:

  • The Havrilak Law Firm, 9868 Main St., Fairfax, VA 22031

Number to notify central location of an interruption:  (804) 775-0500

Updated: Mar 02, 2015