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Young Lawyers Conference

A Conference of the Virginia State Bar.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Applicable to The Virginia State Bar Young Lawyers Conference WebSite

YLC Logo This privacy policy covers the Virginia State Bar Young Lawyers Conference ("YLC ") Web site (


No Attorney-Client Relationship

The YLC does not create an attorney-client relationship by maintaining this Web site or by allowing you access to it. Also, some parts of the YLC Web site may allow you to subscribe to electronic publications (such as newsletters; "Electronic Publications"); if so, your subscription to these publications does not create an attorney-client relationship either. While we hope to keep material on this Web site current and accurate, any legal information on this site or in Electronic Publications may be inaccurate, incomplete, outdated or not applicable to your legal needs.

Also, please do not send any requests for legal advice via the interactivity that may be offered by the YLC Web site, such as the email addresses of section members. You should assume that such communications will not be attorney-client privileged. In fact, you may lose you attorney-client privilege to such information by such transmission.


Information that is Not Collected

The YLC Web site does not use cookies or any other technology to gather automatically information about your computer connection or surfing habits on the YLC Web site. Unless you register to receive a newsletter electronically or provide information via electronic forms posted on the YLC Web site, we will not maintain a record of your visit to our site.


Information that May Be Collected

Some parts of the YLC Web site may offer the opportunity to register to receive Electronic Publications. In such instances, we will ask for no more than your name, physical address, Virginia State Bar number (if applicable), telephone number, fax number and email address (collectively, "Registration Data"). If your request to be added to the subscription list is accepted (some lists may require that you be a member of the YLC or a particular YLC practice section), then we may use your Registration Data solely to deliver to you the Electronic Publication(s) requested by you and possibly to communicate with you regarding YLC matters. If you request to unsubscribe to such Electronic Publications, we will attempt to process your unsubscribe request as soon as possible.

Some parts of the YLC Web site may permit you to send email to listed individuals, including lawyers who hold various YLC positions. As noted above, such communications may not be attorney-client privileged. Also, because such communications are not part of an attorney-client relationship, such individuals shall have no legal duty to respond. Any information that you include in such emails may be used for the purposes specified or intended by that email.

Some part of the YLC Web site may allow you to request that information be contained in a YLC printed or electronic publication. If you so request, the information you provide may be used for that purpose and may be included in other publications and informational materials of the YLC or one of the VSB's practice sections.


Correction of Collected Information

If you submit any personally identifying information such as Registration Data via the YLC Web site, you may gain access to the content of your personally identifying information by calling the YLC during its business hours. At such time, you also may request that such information be updated or otherwise corrected.


Distribution Privacy

If and when we send broadcast e-mails to members of any Distribution List, we will do so in a manner such that no recipient sees the identities of the other recipients.



We will not sell, rent, swap, license or otherwise disclose your Registration Data or disclose the fact of your registration to anyone outside of the YLC and its sections. Also, we will not use Registration Data to make solicitations to you on the behalf of entities other than the YLC (including its practice sections).



We do not request or anticipate that you will disclose any private information via the YLC Web site, such as health information, financial information, medical information, Social Security number or credit card numbers. For that reason, we do not use any encryption for communications conducted via the YLC Web site.


No Liability for Acts of Third Parties

We will use reasonable efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of the Registration Data. Nonetheless, transmissions made by means of the Internet cannot be made absolutely secure by us, since we do not control the Internet. We disclaim any liability for disclosure of Registration Data due to errors in transmission by third parties or unauthorized acts of third parties.



We may change this Privacy Policy in the future. Any changes will be effective upon the posting of a revised privacy policy on this Web site. We will attempt to notify you via your e-mail address in the Distribution List if we make any changes that increase the scope of our use or intended disclosure of Registration Data and, at that time, give you the opportunity to unsubscribe before the change takes effect.